Thursday, October 24, 2013

Photographic Memory: The Sherpas of Expedition Everest

JENN: Photographic Memory time!

MOON: Okay! So, we're going to discuss another of Jenn's favorite photos. This one is... from Expedition Everest, right?

JENN: Yup! It's posted on the wall as you enter the final room in the queue.

MOON: I was TERRIFIED the first time. At least there were amusing things on the walls to keep my mind off of IMPENDING DOOM.

JENN: Oh, psh, eventually you got there. :) Moon and I have a great fondness for Sherpas.

MOON: Yes we do!

JENN: Do you want to tell the O'Bryan story?

MOON: How much of an orchestral lesson should I provide?

JENN: As much as you like, Dr. Professor Music Theory!

MOON: Well, I did just wrap a class... AND I lectured on Beethoven's 9th symphony, so I am pumped (as they say).

JENN: Who wouldn't be pumped after some Beethoven?

MOON: Concerning strictly the strings section of an orchestra, from the audience's perspective from left to right: 1st violins, 2nd violins, violas, cellos (basses behind cellos).

In most orchestral repertoire, the first violins typically are given the melody. This is very general of course, but typically the second violins and violas are tasked with the "inner voices;" they provide the harmony.

JENN: The semester when Moon and I were first and second chair second violins, our orchestra director O'Bryan told the first violins that we were "carrying them like sherpas." It was AWESOME.

MOON: Now we have an affinity with all sherpas.

JENN: Which means we spend the entire queue area of Expedition Everest squealing "Look! SHERPAS!" Good times.

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