Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Squirtgun To Your Head: Favorite Disney Movie When You Were A Kid?

JENN: Squirtgun To Your Head time! What was your favorite Disney movie when you were a little kid?

MOON: How little are we talking?

JENN: I'd say... younger than ten. Whatever you watched most often in your single-digit years.

MOON: Mary Poppins.


Most often? Maybe Bedknobs and Broomsticks.


JENN: Oh my...

MOON: Okay, going with Mary Poppins. I wanted to be Burt when I was a kid; he always seemed to have interesting jobs.

This is also Ruffian's favorite.

In fact, I'm not sure why I don't have his instrumental outfit. I'm not sure why I don't parade around Baltimore like that every day.

JENN: Neither am I. Your hat would be FULL of coins!

MOON: Your turn!

JENN: This may seem random, but: 101 Dalmatians. I would like to say it's because I had such a keen ear for the jazzy masterpiece that is "Cruella deVille," but if I'm being honest it's probably just because PUPPIES.

My uncle bought me a 101 Dalmatians sleeping bag for Christmas when I was, oh, six or seven. I still have it. Oh, and I had a stuffed Perdita that I looooved. I drew comic strips about our adventures and everything.

MOON: I remember my mom almost let me have a Dalmatian once. I think she had a friend who was a breeder (is that the correct term?) and we were all set to take a puppy home... And I honestly don't know what happened. My mom must have gotten cold feet.

JENN: Awww. Near miss.

MOON: No puppy for us.

JENN: If it helps, we didn't get a dog until we found one. While my mom was on a business trip.

MOON: Ha, fair enough.

I eventually got a hamster. All was well.

What was YOUR favorite Disney movie when you were a little kid?

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    1. There's something about her... And I have issues with musicals. If MP isn't telling of some unique quality, I'm not sure what does!