Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/25

MOON: So, let's blog?

JENN: Indeed. How was your running this week?

MOON: Ehhhhhhhh.

JENN: You get much in?

MOON: Yeah, I went to the gym about 6 times. My left leg has been a little spotty.

JENN: Oh dear. Recurring injury?

MOON: Yeah, it's been like this for about a week, maybe a bit longer.

JENN: Hmmm. Might wanna rest a bit.

MOON: Maaaaaybe. How was your week?

JENN: I think "Ehhhhhh" about sums it up. I got my mileage in but I'm still way slow. Nonetheless, we soldier on.

MOON: I suppose. Here's to a better week!

JENN: Indeed. Any good music to report?

MOON: Well, today I begin delving into Israeli techno. I suppose next week I'll have some opinions.

JENN: Ha, it's nice to know there are things to look forward to in life. Bonus points if you can offer us some Israeli dance moves to match. I understand they have some pretty sweet line dances.

MOON: I'm sure I'll find out!

JENN: Video to follow, I'm sure. Meanwhile, despite being the only person on earth who was lukewarm on Frozen, hopefully it will help you all to know that I've been listening to "Let It Go" a lot during my runs. Even if the cold does bother me. IT IS ACTIVELY SNOWING RIGHT NOW IT'S ALMOST APRIL WHYYY


And on that note, roundup.

- Because I am an optimist at heart, Run Eat Repeat has advice for running in HOT weather.
- Pamper your feet with Running Toward the Prize.
- Running with Pixies embarks on an intuitive eating journey. I am intrigued.
- We Run Disney makes post-race mistakes so you don't have to!
- Rolling with the Magic tackles healthy living while enjoying the parks.
- 13.1 Miles to Disney enumerates why the aforementioned healthy living is so great.
- And finally, the information we've all needed at some point: Disney Tourist Blog knows how to convince people to visit Disney parks with you!

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