Friday, April 25, 2014

In Which Jenn Makes A Disney To Eat List

Behold: proof that I am insane! BUT ORGANIZED.

Butterfinger cupcake from Starring Rolls.

It all started when it became official that I was going to be returning to Walt Disney World in November (for the Wine and Dine Half) AND January (for Dopey). Immediately my thoughts turned to one of the most important aspects of any WDW trip: the food. I started pondering what delicacies I wanted to make sure to sample... and then I thought, well, I don't want to forget. So I started formulating a list.

And then I thought, I know! I'll go back through the Disney Food Blog and Eating WDW archives and see what delicious items should go on the list. I mean, I don't want to miss anything, right? So I skimmed through the last two years' worth of posts. My criteria: things that interest me, that are unique, and/or that are iconic.

Tonga Toast and pineapple macadamia nut pancakes from Kona Cafe.

My list now stands at an even 100 foods. Of those foods, I have already tried a whopping 17.

I can knock out the rest in, oh, I don't know, what do you think? Ten more trips? Fifteen if I want to lower my risk of diabetes?

No Way Jose sundae from Beaches and Cream (and you can see the top of
Betty's Frozen Sunshine in the back there).

And this doesn't even count all the Flower & Garden Festival and Food & Wine Festival offerings (the latter will get its own post when menus emerge, never fear), plus whatever new and exciting dishes they'll be introducing in the future. Oh, and this doesn't take into account general restaurant interest, either - for example, I too would love to try Victoria & Albert's someday, but since the menus change all the time none of its offerings make the list. And don't even mention Disneyland!

I have work to do.

Nutella and fruit waffle from Sleepy Hollow.

NOW I NEED YOUR HELP. Like I said, I compiled this list by going back through two years of archives. Even during that short time I was running across defunct restaurants and menu items. For the most part I tried to weed these out using my own brainpan, but I'm sure I've missed some. And I have other questions too. Basically what I need to know is as follows:

  1. Do you see any items here that no longer exist? I need to remove them.
  2. Do you see any items here that, no matter how exciting the description may make them sound, actually kinda suck? I might want to consider removing them, or at least lowering their priority.
  3. Do you see any items here that you LOVE LOVE LOVE? I should probably try them first!
  4. Do you NOT see any items here that really ought to be? I should add them!
  5. What's on your Disney To Eat List?

And now, in no particular order except by location and without further adieu, I give you:

My Disney To Eat List

Check!Park/Resort AreaLocationItemNotes
xAKLBoma (Dinner)Zebra domesI was actually not bowled over by these... is that wrong?
xArt of AnimationLandscape of FlavorsBuild your own smoothie
xBeach ClubBeaches and CreamNo Way JoseA sharer. Glorious.
xDHSStarring RollsButterfinger cupcake
xDHSWriter's StopCarrot Cake CookieI would do this again in a heartbeat.
xDTDEarl of SandwichBrownie cremeStill only tried the vanilla. There are chocolate and PB flavors to ponder...
xDTDRaglan RoadBread and butter pudding
xEpcotKringla Bakeri og CafeSchool bread
xEpcotLa Cava Del TequilaAvocado margaritaPreferred the cucumber margarita, myself. LOVE the chili salt rim on either.
xMKAloha IsleDole Whip float
xMKColumbia Harbour HouseLighthouse sandwichLove!
xMKCrystal PalaceBreakfast lasagnaWoah. Crazy sweet.
xMKSleepy HollowWaffle sandwichesBreakfast, ham, Nutella versions down - only spicy chicken to go.
xMKThe ConfectioneryPumpkin fudge
xMultipleMultipleHomemade ice cream sandwich
xPolynesian'OhanaBread pudding
xPolynesianKona CafeTonga ToastBut I liked the macadamia nut pancakes better...
AKLBoma (Breakfast)Pecan caramel bread pudding
AKLThe MaraPeanut butter brownie
xArt of AnimationLandscape of FlavorsMake your own pasta
Art of AnimationLandscape of FlavorsPumpkin pecan tart
Beach ClubBeach Club MarketplaceOreo bon bons
Beach ClubBeaches and CreamChocolate cakeIt has SO MUCH FROSTING.
Beach ClubBeaches and CreamKitchen SinkNot without multiple assistants. But sort of a WDW rite of passage, no?
Beach ClubBeaches and CreamGrilled banana bread
BoardwalkBoardwalk BakeryOreo Bon Bon cupcake
BoardwalkBoardwalk BakeryPeanut butter cupcake
BoardwalkBoardwalk BakeryChocolate peanut butter cake
BoardwalkBoardwalk BakeryPB, banana & bacon pie
BoardwalkBoardwalk BakerySalted caramel ganache tart
BoardwalkBoardwalk BakeryCheesecake brownie
BoardwalkESPN ZonePB&J burgerI just want to try it. Definitely something I'd share with others who were intrigued.
ContemporaryCalifornia GrillTuna Four Ways
ContemporaryChef Mickey's (Dinner)Caramel bread pudding
ContemporaryThe WaveSweet potato pancakes
Coronado SpringsPepper MarketCreme brulee French toast
DAKAnandapur Local Food CafesBanana pudding
DAKDawa BarSugar cane mojito
xDAKKusafiri Coffe Shop & BakeryPaw print brownie
DAKKusafiri Coffe Shop & BakeryAfrican spice cake
DAKKusafiri Coffe Shop & BakeryYule logSeasonal
xDAKMr. Kamal'sFalafel sandwich
DAKTamu TamuVegetable curry
DAKYak & YetiFried cream cheese wontons
DAKYak & YetiDim sumBilled as an appetizer for two but I bet it could be a meal for one!
DHS50's Prime Time CafePB&J milkshake
xDHSSci-Fi Dine-InPicnic burgerSomeone's going to have to share it with me. Maybe two or three someones. That thing is insane.
DHSStarring RollsRed velvet cheesecake cupcake
DHSStarring RollsChocolate peanut butter cupcake
DHSStarring RollsMarble cupcake
DTDBongo's windowCuban sandwichI love Cuban sandwiches!
DTDEarl of SandwichHoliday turkey sandwich
DTDGhirardelliCookie bottom sundae
DTDGoofy's Candy KitchenMake your own treatPretzel rods with Reeses Pieces. No question.
EpcotCrepe kiosk in FranceNutella crepe
xEpcotFrance ice cream shopBrioche ice cream sandwich
EpcotFrance ice cream shopIce cream martini
EpcotHoliday kiosk in GermanyHot salted caramelSeasonal
EpcotJapan pavilion (several places)Chocolate ginger cake
xEpcotJoy of Tea standTipsy Ducks in Love
EpcotJuice bar in MoroccoIce creamsSo many interesting flavors!
EpcotKabuki CafeIce creamsGreen tea, caramel ginger, strawberry azuki flavors!
EpcotKaramell KucheChocolate-covered salted caramel
EpcotKaramell KucheCaramel apple cookie
EpcotKiosk in The American AdventurePumpkin spice funnel cakeI think this might be seasonal. I'm not even a huge funnel cake fan - I just LOVE pumpkin.
EpcotKringla Bakeri og CafeLefseIt's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, my home town, out there on the edge of the prairie.
EpcotKringla Bakeri og CafeTroll horn
EpcotKringla Bakeri og CafeRice cream
EpcotKringla Bakeri og CafeVeiled maiden
EpcotLe CellierPretzel rollsI know. Of all the things they have, I want the bread basket. WHY IS THERE NO CANADIAN COUNTER SERVICE?
xEpcotPretzel place in GermanySoft pretzel
EpcotRefreshment PortCronut (a la mode?)
EpcotRose & CrownEnglish BulldogAnother one I'll need someone to share with me. I have guilt thresholds to consider.
xEpcotSommerfestNudel gratin
EpcotSommerfestCurry Wurst
EpcotSunshine SeasonsWhoopie pie
EpcotVia NapoliFritto misto
EpcotVia NapoliProsciutto e melon pizza
MKBe Our GuestTuna Nicoise salad
MKBe Our GuestThe Master's CupcakeI hear I should try the grey stuff.
xMKCheshire CafeCake cupTHE CHESHIRE CUPCAKE ONE. Oh man. Priority one, I'm telling you.
MKGolden Oak OutpostCorn nuggets
MKLiberty Tree Tavern (Lunch)Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake
MKPlaza Ice Cream ParlorAll-American Sundae
xMKSommerfestGrapefruit beer
MKStarbucksPeanut butter cupcake
MKStorybook TreatsCookie fudge sundae
xMKSunshine Tree TerraceCitrus swirlI'm pretty into Dole Whip floats, but tons of people swear by these, so...
MK/BoardwalkPlaza/Beaches and CreamMickey's Sink Sundae
xMultipleMultipleSweet cream cheese pretzel
MultipleMultipleBabycakes mini cupcake pack
xMultipleMultipleMickey ganache tart
MultipleMultipleMarshmallow wandI hear the marshmallows are homemade?
PolynesianCaptain Cook'sPB&J cupcake
PolynesianCaptain Cook'sChocolate beer cupcake
PolynesianCaptain Cook'sTiki toffee
xPop CenturyEverything PopKing cupcake
Pop CenturyEverything PopCotton candy lemonade
Port OrleansSassagoula FloatworksBiegnets
Yacht ClubCaptain's GrilleDark chocolate waffles

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  1. Holy Mary Mother of God I think this is the beautiful thing my eyes have ever beheld. A spreadsheet. Of FOOD. Also, since we will be 5 in November and 3 in January, JUST THINK HOW MUCH YOU CAN SAMPLE IF WE SPLIT THINGS!!!

    1. I KNOW RIGHT?! Once I get my Cake Cup, EVERYTHING is fair game!

      Although November will bring with it SO MANY F&W FESTIVAL ITEMS.

  2. All I can say is I feel your pain! I'm planning a big trip in October to WDW and my list is growing every day! Like you and the Flower & Garden Fest, I still don't know what will be available during the Food & Wine Fest! And my husband is not a big eater when we travel, so I can't rely on him too much to help me with the burden. I'm spending more time researching can't-miss food than everything else with this trip put together, I'm that much of a foodie. I'm hoping hubby's appetite will be better than usual because he's going to have to pick up some slack when I only want to eat half of everything I buy so I can "save room" :-D

    Amazing list by the way! I think I'm going to steal this idea for my trip!

    1. Awesome! Let me know what delicious items you check off your list! :D

  3. (takes notes frantically) I tend to have a little list of a mix of restaurants and dishes to try....but clearly it needs to be expanded!

    I'm thinking cronuts and the Mickey pants sundae for my trip in October, though the brioche ice cream sandwich intrigues me too. I have to ration my treats for each trip or I'll waddle home.

    Things I've tried that underwhelmed: I came to Dole whips too late, I think. My theory is that you have to imprint on them early. Not pineappley, not that creamy--I'll take the citrus swirl, thanks. Found the prosciutto waffle sandwich a mayo-laden mess...but maybe I got a bad one. I'm going to try the spicy chicken before giving up.

    Move the Raglan Road bread pudding up toward the top--it's a decadent treat. Beignets, too, but eat 'em hot. I kept explaining to my friend that bringing them back to her in the room was not a good idea.

    Additional thoughts: the profiteroles at Chefs de France. A Rachel sandwich at Beaches and Cream. I could go on...

    1. Oooh, I was looking at that Rachel sandwich... I'm going to need to go to Beaches and Cream A LOT.

  4. You know it would be amazing if you found a way to convert this spreadsheet into an app that notifies you when you are near a food "must have"...all the eating without any of the thinking, you'd be rich!

    1. Haha, that WOULD be amazing! Any proggers out there wanna take that on?

  5. Dole Whips and the Nutella Waffle are my two favorite Disney snacks by far! Only other one I might add is the strawberry shortcake at Sunshine Seasons in Epcot...

    My friends and I have a similar idea how we're going to work out way through it! One of my friends chooses a theme each trip, so one trip was cupcakes, one was ice cream sandwiches, etc.

    1. Oooh, I like the theme idea! Only I fear I'd make the theme cake every time...

  6. I love this and I love how organized it is! I'm going to steal your idea and make my own list. My absolute favorite Disney treat is the citrus swirl, so I recommend you move that up at the top of your list ;)