Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/08

JENN: So - how was your training this week?

MOON: Remarkably uneventful, but steady.

JENN: Sounds like an improvement! I had a much better run on Tuesday and then a much worse run on Thursday, so I'm not quite sure where I stand.

I'm running the 17.75K - a skosh over 11 miles - on Saturday so I think I might mostly walk this week. Try to get the legs back.

MOON: Oh, yay! Good luck!

JENN: Thanks!

MOON: Walking will probably be a nice break before the race

JENN: How are things otherwise? New music? New sneakers? Anything fun?! It's been dreary and rainy for DAYS and I'm desperate for something cheery...

MOON: Hmm... It HAS been dreary! Let's see... Christian and I are making kimchi?!

JENN: Ooh! Spicy-nice!

MOON: It has to sit out for the next few days. My kitchen smells lovely.

JENN: Ah, cabbage.

MOON: He had some fermented soy beans and my goodness it was the smell of... if feet had butts.

JENN: Makes you wonder how this stuff got started... desperation, I guess. I mean, clearly kimchi is tasty, but some serious leaps of faith had to be made to get to the first batch.

Kimchi dog from last year's Food & Wine Festival.
Photo from Eating WDW's excellent review.

MOON: I suppose something to do with methods of preserving foods?

JENN: Indeed. Speaking of fermentation - TO THE ROUNDUP!

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  1. "If feet had butts" is absolute poetry.

  2. You are so nice to include us yet again. We appreciate it! By the way, that kimchi dog from the F&W festival looks amazing.

    1. Sure thing!

      Doesn't it? I'm SO excited to finally get to the F&W Festival this year!