Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Fairest Week In Review: 5/27

JENN: How was your extended weekend? Did you run at all?

MOON: This is terrible, but for the second week in a row: noooo. This week has been a sick week...

JENN: Oh no! If you're feeling ill it's probably better not to run, so it's good that you're taking precautions. Are matters improving?

MOON: Yeah, yesterday was actually a pretty okay day for me! What about you? How were your runs?

JENN: Not bad! I tried running outside again last week and it sucked. And then I did it again on Sunday out of necessity and miraculously it DIDN'T suck (more on this tomorrow). Mind you, I only did five miles, but still. It's a start! It probably helped that I was at the beach for the weekend and I got to run along the bay-side coast.

MOON: That sounds great. What beach did you go to?

JENN: Dewey in Delaware, as a belated celebration of my roommate's birthday. I'd never been before. There sure are a lot of drunk people at all hours!

MOON: Well, it is a small stretch of beach for so many people!

JENN: I'm hoping that this jump starts a more successful outdoor running career. We should try tackling the airport loop trail again.

MOON: Okay! Give me a few weeks to get back into things and I'll be all set.

JENN: And this time we can go the right direction. Not that I didn't enjoy accidentally running through the Bowie train station, mind you.

MOON: Ha, we got a good 6 miles out of going the wrong direction last time at least.


JENN: Now let's head the right direction with the roundup.

- Survive the infamous runDisney expo with The Runner's Guide to WDW.
- Add some Disney songs to your running playlist with Why I Run Disney.
- We Run Disney has some good safety advice.
- Construct a dream runDisney race with The Run Streak.
- Disney Every Day confirms the existence of the Disneyland Paris half.
- The Adult Side of Disney voluntEARs.
- Eating WDW eats a Yoda cupcake just for me.
- Sidestep sunburn with WDW for Grownups. (I am SO MAD at myself for successfully avoiding sunburn until the very last day of vacation. Way to go, me.)
- Bwana Blog has awesome news: there's a new kind of tiger at DAK!

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