Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Fairest Week In Review: 6/10

JENN: How did your training go this week?

MOON: Well, I ran every day! It was good.

JENN: Awesome!I ran outside a bunch this week. I'm getting a LITTLE better at it, anyway. I'm not ready to let go of the treadmill just yet, but the outdoors is growing on me. I just hope I DON'T come to prefer running outside because that'll make indoor winter running so sad! I'll need to find a coping mechanism.

I can't answer this question, but I like that Captain Picard is asking it.

MOON: I prefer the outdoors and winter sucks, but winter sucks regardless.The treadmill will be there when you need it. :)

JENN: True! I'll just have to find some GREAT music to distract me.You got any?

MOON: I've been listening to Arcade Fire. They are very singable and this is good for running. Well, I'm not sure what the general consensus about running and singing is, buuuuut I like it.

JENN: I've heard a lot about them but never really pursued their music. Any track recommendations?

MOON: Hmm, if you're starting from this album: start at the beginning with the title song, "Reflektor."

JENN: I'll have to investigate that.

Although worthy of investigation? The roundup.

- Disney Every Day follows up on the newly announced Disneyland Paris half.
- Run Eat Repeat runs FASTER.
- Running at Disney offers more yoga for runners.
- Food Fitness Fantasy ponders her running journey.
- Mouse on the Mind tries some amazing Disney-themed Starbucks drinks.
- The Disney Tourist Blog reviews Disney's Yacht Club resort - so excited to stay there in January!
- The Disney Hipsters take a ride on our beloved Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

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