Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Fairest Week In Review: 7/08

JENN: How was your Fourth of July weekend?

MOON: Very nice! I went up to NYC and stayed with friends. Lots of exploring the city. How was yours?

JENN: Pretty good - I saw a LOT of fireworks. First on the National Mall on the fourth and then on the fifth I saw like eight shows going on at once around a river outside Baltimore. It was crazy - at any given moment there were bursts of light in CircleVision.

Oh, and there was a puppy behind us at the Mall, so that made it even better!


MOON: I think we attempted to watch the fireworks in NYC, but decided to go eat dinner instead... >_>

JENN: I think it was a wise choice. The food in NYC tends to be pretty awesome.

MOON: Although...! I did wake up on the Fourth and immediately hum some Sousa to my boyfriend.

Haha, that's about as patriotic as it gets!

You fit any running in last week?

MOON: Hmm, not so much in the way of hardcore running. Lots of exercising in general, though. Lots of moving and all that. But I have a feeling you ran at least 1,000 miles.

JENN: I did terribly last week, actually! I only ran twice and a mere sixteen miles total at that. I've recently been struggling with a shift in priorities that I will explain at a later date, but this particular week I let dogsitting take a front seat and it threw my running schedule all out of whack. Oh well; I'll do better next week!

MOON: High five!

JENN: And high five for some awesome bloggers:

- Running Toward the Prize considers the effects of taking a running break.
- We Run Disney makes a super-nifty quilt out of race tees.
- Fairytales and Fitness tackles IT band and hip pain.
- Black Dog Runs Disney believes running doesn't have to suck.
- Pink Elephant on Parade has a running epiphany.
- Mom's Magical Miles does not appreciate race food hoarders.
- The Disney Hipsters are so damn frosty.

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  1. if I had to dog sit, I wouldn't be running. Dog sitting trumps running all the time.

  2. Glad you all had a great weekend! Those we all great post this week! I actually read them all!