Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Fairest Week In Review: 10/28

MOON: Soooooo tell me all about the marathon!

JENN: Well, I shall do a full recap later this week. But in a nutshell: it went well! I didn't wind up injured or sick or anything.

MOON: Yay! I'm very proud of you, congratulations!

JENN: ^_^

MOON: This is a huge step in your running narrative.

JENN: Indeed. I'm a marathoner and everything!

AND the proud owner of the prettiest cubicle in all the land.
(With space for Wine & Dine underneath MCM!)

How did the week of tapering work out? Did you find it efficacious to marathon preparation? 

JENN: Ha. Indubitably!

I guess. It was fine? I probably should've run on Thursday instead of Friday, but it turned out okay.

Sooo when will you be joining me in marathonhood?

MOON: Hopefully within a year. I definitely want to do one.

JENN: Yay! Did you run at all this week?

MOON: This week has been a bit spotty because I've been all over the place for work and other engagements. All in all, I had a pretty stressful week, but I did get some good exercise in for stress relief. Still working on strength and I'm honestly seeing results.

JENN: That's awesome!

MOON: Congrats again my dear! Well done. :)

JENN: <3

Anyway, love fest out of the way, let's move on to the roundup!

- The Runner's Guide to WDW tackles the trials and tribulations of runDisney corrals.
- We Run Disney got to visit the Brooks headquarters. If anyone else gets that opportunity, could you bring me back some new Ravennas?
- Running at Disney knows everything there is to know about the Wine & Dine Half. GUYS IT'S GETTING SO CLOSE AHHHH
- Food Fitness Fantasy gets a Kiss Goodnight. I really want to see that for myself!
- Then The Disney Tourist Blog takes the dessert baton for their Top 5 Disney Bakeries.

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  1. Congrats on your marathon Jenn and thank you so much for including us in your weekly roundup. Yes, Brooks Ravennas are the best shoe ever!

  2. Man I really wish Vegas had given odds on you rocking this race...I could retire to DISNEY WITH MY WINNINGS!

    Serously though, CONGRATULATIONS! Can't wait for the recap! :)

  3. So we're going with the "totally downplaying the whole marathon thing" are we? Knock it off! YOU FINISHED A MARATHON!! SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! OR AT LEAST YOUR CUBICLE! Celebratory cupcakes forthcoming. How about next Saturday night? WHOO HOOO!!!!!!

    1. With lots and lots and LOTS of frosting???

  4. Whatever thouest desires! After all, you're a MARATHONER now!!!!

    1. I think we should go in on a Butterfinger cupcake from Starring Rolls together. It is such a frosting behemoth -I- can't handle it alone and that's WELL NIGH IMPOSSIBLE.

    2. As long as no one tries to ruin a perfectly good delectable delight by adding fruit, I'm in!!