Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Fairest Week In Review: 11/04

JENN: Happy post Halloween, everybody! We hope you all had a fantastic holiday, full of candy and tricked out gourds.

So M, did you run last week?

MOON: Affirmative. Getting "ready" for a 5K. No big deal, but I'll be running with friends and that always makes me nervous/breathe funny.

JENN: Awww. You always seem to run fine with me! You wound up smoking me during the Tinker Bell Half. Of course, I was breathing funny at the time...

MOON: Well, I'm used to you! :P

JENN: Ah, love. ^_^

MOON <3 <3 <3.... :D

Christian will be running with me and he's pretty fast.

JENN: Psh, boyfriends. With their muscles and their speed and nonsense.

MOON: I KNOW. He runs maybe... on occasion. Seven minute mile? Psh, no big deal.

JENN: That's it. We need to start taking testosterone injections. It's the only way.

MOON: May I remind you I am on the up and up concerning testosterone. Not helping me much!

JENN: Ah well. I guess we'll just have to stick to, like, training and stuff.


This might sound a bit strange, but since I cut all my hair off I have been running with much more ease!

JENN: A reverse Samson!

MOON: You know me, breaking biblical conventions since 1987... I think it's because I don't have to worry about my hair constantly coming out of the hair tie, going lopsided, generally flopping around everywhere. It's nice, though. I can actually use hair pins FUNCTIONALLY. As in, they STAY IN. Pretty sweet.

How was your week?

JENN: Pretty low key. I felt pretty good post-marathon, but I did have some mild soreness so I didn't run at all until last weekend. And even then they were short-ish runs. But this makes sense because while I am powering down post-marathon, I am powering up for the WINE AND DINE HALF MARATHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Ask me what I'm doing Friday morning. Go on, ask me.

MOON: Hmmm......! What ARE you doing on Friday morning?!


MOON: GASP! SRSLY? How long will you be there for?

JENN: Five days!

MOON: Woo! Have any goals?

JENN: Have an AWESOME TIME. I mean, sure, I'd love to knock out a new PR, but given that the race is two weeks after my first marathon, I really don't know how my performance will be affected.

Oh, I know! My goal is to shut down the Epcot after party. There'll never be a better time to ride lineless!

MOON: Ha! Remember to ride my favorite ride for me!

JENN: Of course! I'll say hi to Gary Sinise, Capcom.

MOON: Also let Ms. Dench know I miss her and I channel those sleeping monk scribes daily.

I am rather sad I will not be running with you.

JENN: Next time! I'll drag you back to WDW yet!

MOON: ;)

JENN: And on that happy note: roundup!

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  1. You forgot all about Goal #1......EAT ALL THE CUPCAKES!

    1. Well, first a cake cup. Gotta have a cake cup. Also, I think I want one of those brioche ice cream sandwiches. And then, yes, ALL THE CUPCAKES.