Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Fairest Week In Review: 11/25

JENN: Did you run this week? Tell me you ran this week. Somebody's got to have run this week.

MOON: I did a lot of running!

JENN: Whew!

MOON: Speed AND distance this week (go me!), ha.

JENN: Yay! I haven't run in two weeks. :( My foot is taking its sweet sweet time to heal.

MOON: ;-;

JENN: And it's SUCH a terrible time for it, because not running makes me feel like I really really really need to watch what I eat... AND IT'S THE WEEK OF THANKSGIVING. AND in addition to Thanksgiving proper, I have an Experimental Recipes Thanksgiving with at my boyfriend's brother's place on Wednesday AND my roommate is hosting a Friendsgiving on Saturday. ARG.

MOON: Better to let it heal completely!

JENN: You're right. Better to let it heal than mess it all up further. But I hate the way not exercising feels.

MOON: There's always ballet!

JENN: Sure, but my foot's so messed up I can only do floor barre and I can't do any jumping or turning, which is the most cardio-intensive part.

Basically I'm just whining. All I can really do is try not to go overboard on food and wait for my foot to feel normal. If it isn't showing marked improvement in a week, I may even go to a doctor... but if it gets to that point, I'm kinda scared...

MOON: I didn't exercise yesterday at all and it felt really weird. Not to mention exercise keeps me saneee. But I'm sure once you start running again you'll be even faster. Taking a break might not be such a bad thing.

JENN: We'll see. Oh well. I am thankful. I am thankful that it isn't worse.

MOON: I know it sucks when you're literally surrounded by food and awkward family situations, but you're a lovely lady and your foot will be better soon!

JENN: <3

And on that downer note: roundup!

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  1. Thank you so much for including me in your round up. I appreciate it:)

  2. Thanks for including us! I hope you found some fun holiday flavors for yourselves!

    1. Of course! :) I definitely have some peppermint energy bars in my future.

  3. I hear cupcakes speed healing. Kills your waistline but speeds up healing. Just sayin'.

    1. How about frosting? That's good for your your waistline AND healing, right? ... Right???

  4. Of course! Especially if you bathe in it and rub it on said injured parts.