Thursday, December 18, 2014

In Which Jenn & Moon Are 'Ached Some Questions

Hey, here's something crazy - we've been tagged! We've been tagged twice!

Thanks to Kellie and Kimberley for inexplicably expressing an interest in our inner workings. They've asked questions. We have answers!

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

Moon says:
  1. Bek
  2. Sneaky
  3. Rebs
  4. Rebek (my Dad is not a creative soul) [to clarify, Moon's English name is Rebekah]
Jenn says:
  1. Jennifer (but why are you mad at me?)
  2. Hennifer Lopez
  3. Jenn-Jenn
  4. Seabiscuit
Four jobs I have had: 

Moon says:
  1. Photo editor
  2. College professor
  3. Cello teacher
  4. Easter Bunny (that's right, you heard me)
Jenn says:
  1. Violin teacher
  2. Wench at Medieval Times
  3. Yogurt shop worker
  4. Email marketer for a performing arts center
Four movies I’ve watched more than once: 

Moon says:
  1. The Young Victoria
  2. The American President
  3. In the Mood for Love
  4. A Room With a View
Jenn says:
  1. Mulan
  2. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead
  3. The Sound of Music
  4. Amelie
Four books I’d recommend: 

Moon says:
  1. The Little Prince
  2. Peanut Butter and Jeremy's Best Book Ever
  3. Brave New World
  4. The Emperor of All Maladies 
Jenn says:
  1. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
  2. The Star Beast by Robert A. Heinlein
  3. A Fine and Private Place by Peter S. Beagle
  4. The Circus of Dr. Lao by Charles G. Finney
Four places I have lived: 

Moon says:
  1. Seoul
  2. Baltimore
  3. Chestertown
  4. Hanover
Jenn says:
  1. Silver Spring
  2. Baltimore
  3. Gaithersburg
  4. Bethesda
Four places I have been: 

Moon says:
  1. Jordan
  2. Brussels
  3. Spain
  4. Israel
Jenn says:
  1. Switzerland
  2. Spain
  3. Germany
  4. Austria
Four things I don’t eat: 

Moon says:
  1. Meat
  2. Chocolate
  3. Fast Food
  4. Red Onion
Jenn says:
  1. Grapes
  2. Peas
  3. Blueberries
  4. Cherry tomatoes (Q: What, is Jenn, like, afraid of small round objects or something? A: YES. VERY.)
Four of my favorite foods: 

Moon says:
  1. Gai Lan!!!!
  2. Pho (vegetarian!)
  3. Matar Paneer
  4. Tom Yum soup
Jenn says:
  1. Bread pudding
  2. Frosting (the thick, sugary kind, of course)
  3. Sushi-grade raw tuna
  4. Spanish tortilla
Four TV shows that I watch: 

Moon says:
  1. "The Fall"
  2. "The West Wing"
  3. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine"
  4. "Arrested Development"
Jenn says:
  1. "Psych"
  2. "Doctor Who"
  3. "Scrubs"
  4. "Star Trek: Voyager"
Four things I am looking forward to this year: 

Moon says:
  1. Traveling through Europe with Christian
  2. Internship at WAM
  3. Moving back to the city
  4. Seeing Christian every day
Jenn says:
  1. The Dopey Challenge
  2. Moving to downtown Bethesda
  3. Going on vacation with my boyfriend, wherever we decide to go
  4. Beach trips - lots! - and maybe even learning to surf without falling over all the time
Four things I’m always saying:

Moon says:
  1. "Ugh!"
  2. -expletive- (when I get nervous, my mouth has a mind of its own)
  3. "Kitty!!"
  4. "Yes, please!"
Jenn says:
  1. "Indeed"
  2. "I do what I can"
  3. "Awww, Minxie!" (Cat #1)
  4. "RUFFIAN!" (Cat #2)
This survey has been going around awhile and a lot of people have gotten tagged, so we don't want any repeats. What we DO want is for ANYONE who hasn't been tagged already to consider themselves tagged. Off you go - and send us a link if you do!

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  1. Moon - I suggest counseling. IMMEDIATELY. It's unlawful to not eat chocolate. And we don't want to wind up in chocolate jail, do we???
    Jenn - you might want to join her. Grapes provide manna from the heavens. One cannot fully enjoy the nectar of the gods without them. Accompanied by a lovely side of dark chocolate. Embrace the small, round sphericals of life. They shall be your salvation. And probably the cause of your hangovers. Which chocolate will cure. :)

    1. Grapes are of a terror! But chocolate - chocolate will always be in good standing!