Thursday, April 9, 2015

In Which Jenn & Moon Are Ready For The Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

JENN: So: you ready for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler on Sunday?

MOON: Actually, I think so. But so help me.... IF IT RAINS... >_<

JENN: Right now we're looking good: high of about 70, no rain in the forecast. Mind you, it's still a couple days out, but if that holds we'll be in really good shape.

MOON: Yes. My worry, however, is the forecast up until race day. Rain every day. So... if rain slows down, it'll delay itself into Sunday.

JENN:Hopefully it rains itself out!

MOON: You're right, I should be positive. No rain! (Hopefully...)

JENN: Do you have any goals set? I mean, besides waving goodbye to me as you and Christian go shooting on ahead.

MOON: I have one goal. Beat my current 10-mile PR. And don't worry about my speeding ahead. I've been slow these past two weeks. I'm actually planning on staying with you, girl!

JENN: Haha, you may regret those words. But! I do have a plan in place. I'm going to cruise for the first 5 miles, then try to slowly increase my speed incrementally over the remaining 5 miles. Basically: the ELUSIVE NEGATIVE SPLITS. Can I make them happen? WE SHALL SEE!

MOON: Oh man, that would be niiiiiice. I've been trying that, but I don't think I've got enough practice in me to make it happen by Sunday.

JENN: I'm pretty good at Even Splits, at least on the treadmill... we'll try together!

Do you want to share with the class the PR you're trying to beat, or is it a secret? ;)

MOON: Haha, I guess I can... It's not GREAT (I've never even kept 10 mile PR until this past week), but I want to finish in under 1:35.

JENN: Yowza. Well, you may power past me at the finish - I'm looking at more of an under-1:45 goal time - but either way it'll be awesome!

Did you buy a medal?

MOON: I did not.

JENN: Me neither. I'm a little sad but I just couldn't justify the added expense.

MOON: Yeah, same... I figured we would have our bibs as souvenirs.

JENN: Good news is, the experts say that peak cherry blossom blooming should be happening during the race. They're saying April 11 - 14, so that oughta do us. If nothing else, it'll be pretty!

MOON: Wow!! Every year that I go to the festival, it seems that the cherry blossoms didn't feel like coming out. I'm sure it will be a beautiful run. :D Which is why we need to stay together! Who will I Steve Holt otherwise?

JENN: Exactly.

Will we see you at the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler?

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