Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Fairest Week In Review: 6/11

JENN: How was your training last week?

MOON: Again, terrible. I've had so much work to do lately, it's kind of crazy.

JENN: Well, that's probably keeping your heart rate up, at least!

MOON: Nothing like stress to keep you going. XD Also, being sick always makes long weeks even longer. How was your training?

JENN: Last week was fine. Two long runs and a short speed run. I'd intended to do the same this week but so far I haven't run a step; I'm sick too. But hey, at least it's happening when we don't have any big runs coming up!

MOON: Haha, however, from my perspective it seems like I'm just perpetually sick. >_>You would like living with a doctor would improve these things just on principal.

JENN: I bet he brings home the really EXCITING germs. You know, the kind that laugh in the face of medication and whatnot.

MOON: Haha, yeah, looking forward to next year allllllready. I had a record number amount of colds this year. I'm blaming the bf.

JENN: Sounds like good solid logic to me!

I don't know what's wrong with me; I never get sick like this. Colds on occasion, sure, but not nausea and weakness. It's laaaaaaaame.

MOON: So, a surprising amount of people I know have the flu.

JENN: Ugh, maybe it's that. Awesome. Hopefully one of those 48 hour jobs, though.

MOON: Hopefully!

JENN: In the meantime, let's hope the roundup can cheer us up.

- We Run Disney goes a-running on the wedding morn.
- Run Eat Repeat survives a bad run.
- From Dancing to Running goes on a summer run.
- It's a Marathon AND a Sprint performs a tempo run of sorts.
- Pink Elephant on Parade gets the race started.
- Back at Square Zero chooses people over PRs.
- Will Run for Ears chooses her favorite Disney park songs.
- The Disney Tourist Blog Be's Our Guest.
- Eating WDW visits the Rebel Hangar.
- MousePlanet considers the reality of posted wait times.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my link.
    Oh my goodness, I m sick too, what is with us all. Feel better.

    1. Bleh, must be something in the air. Feel better too!