Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Fairest Week In Review: Just The Roundup Edition, 7/09

Hi! As you may know, Moon moved into a new apartment last week, and she's still sorting through the wreckage that inevitably comes with transferring a boyfriend, cat, and all one's possessions across town in the space of a few days. As such, we're skipping the full week in review experience for this week and heading straight for the roundup. Don't worry, these guys'll keep you company!

- Running Through the Castle ponders DFL.
- Need to work out in the Valley of silence? Peanut Butter Fingers has got you covered.
- Theme Park Insider has an interesting take on Disney parks' spending habits.
- ZannaLand is not too sure about the state of DHS.
- The Affordable Mouse offers Disneyland tips for WDW people.
- Will Run for Ears is be's our guest.
- The Disney Tourist Blog gets into the Top of the World Lounge and eats cake.
- Eating WDW eats delicious curry popcorn at DAK and I want it.
- This Happy Place Blog shuffles off this blogger coil. Sniff. (Bed Buddy, you can guest post here any time! :D)

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