Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Fairest Week In Review: 9/09

JENN: Ask me how many times I planned to run on vacation.

MOON: Every day?

JENN: Nope, just three. Now ask me how many times I ran.

MOON: Every day!!? ... Maaaybe?


I meant to. I packed my sneakers and my running clothes and headphones and GPS watch. And then I... didn't run.

MOON: And how do you feel? Triumphant?

JENN: Well, a lot less hot and sweaty, that much is certain. And a lot more rested. A little guilty. But only a little.

MOON: Nah, enjoy the break. :) How was vacation?

JENN: Good! Beachy. Warm. Not very wave-y, which made Pat sad since he wanted to surf more, but it was good for swimming. How was your week? Did you run?

MOON: My week was... busy. And my car. Much woe. And I don't think I ran? I know I planned to, because when I did laundry last night I had several pieces of running clothing...

JENN: If you had running clothes in the laundry, doesn't that mean running happened? Perhaps you ran in your sleep.

MOON: Well, for example... Yesterday I put on running clothes. I worked for a bit, then fell asleep doing that (sigh). Was then brought back to life by the fire alarm. And it wasn't a drill. Sooo, still half asleep I grabbed Hoodoo cat and proceeded to go down 14 flights of stairs holding a scared cat in my arms.

As it turns out, the fire stairway leads to the outside of the building. I'm in downtown Baltimore, just to add a bit of perspective. This is no place for cats. Needless to say, I was COVERED in cat fur by the end of this episode and when I returned to my apartment I changed and forgot all about running because I was literally inhaling cat fur. In fact, I got a piece IN MY EYE.

JENN: I can see how that could be distracting.

MOON: But, that did not happen every day. I could have just been me getting distracted by a number of things. Anyway, it wasn't my most athletic of weeks.

JENN: Ah, good. As long as we're matching. I've got a half marathon on Sunday, though, so once more unto the breach! Anything good on your radar?

MOON: Besides being excited for it not being 90+ degrees every day? Not really. Pretty boring over here.

JENN: You'll just have to sign up for something to spice things up. ☺

MOON: I think I've got a small thing coming in November, but that's still pretty far off.

JENN: That's good! Y'know what else is good? The roundup.

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