Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Fairest Week In Review: 9/29

MOON: So! Tell me about your week in running.

JENN: My week was okay, I guess. I ran on the treadmill, then I ran in Ocean City, then I had the National Capital 20 Miler, which kinda blew but I'll talk more about the later this week. You?

MOON: Well, I got lots of walking in? Still working a lot. Between three different jobs and then audition anxiety vicariously through my students, not much happened on the leisure side of life.

JENN: But the end is in sight, I hope?

MOON: Hah, I hope so? All my students made it into GT, that's a relief!

JENN: Awesome!

I hear Elizabeth ran a 5K last week. I'm trying to get her to write me a recap, but in the interim: heard anything from her about how she did?

MOON: Ha, nope! That's good, though! Yay, Liz! She did the Light House one, right?

JENN: Yup.

MOON: Lol, yeah, so it would have taken me longer to drive to that race than it would have to run it. Like, 4 times over. But wait, you were at the beach again?

JENN: Yup, just for a couple days. Very low key. Weather not great, really. But the view was nice, of course - never not awesome to look at the ocean!

Ahhh. Although this is NC. But you get the idea.

Also never not awesome: the roundup.

- Back at Square Zero runs with buds.
- Fairytales & Fitness calls for runners to chill.
- Home is Where the Mouse Is explains the pitfalls of running for charity. I totally get the stress.
- The Disney Tourist Blog assembles a runDisney packing list.
- More Disney food news! Day one of the Food & Wine Festival with easyWDW, Living WDW plays This Not That with Disney fooda special diets look at the Festival with Gluten & Dairy Free in WDW, and non-Festival Epcot food with the Disney Hipsters.

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