Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Fairest Week In Review: 10/28

JENN: Did you run last week?

MOON: Almost every dayyyyy!

JENN: Yes! Good runs?

MOON: Not too bad! They'll get better! But this is nothing. Someone ran another marathon! This is so much cooler to talk about.

JENN: Haha, yeah, I'll do a recap later, but: 3 seconds faster than last year! STAGNANT. I mean, there were some mitigating circumstances I'll talk about later this week, but I have work to do.

MOON: Hahahaha, at least it was 3 seconds faster instead of slower. :D

JENN: There is that! I also performed a Line Marathon: the expo merchandise line took 40 minutes to traverse. But wait until you feel the lining on my new hoodie! I even went during work hours and it was still nuts. God only knows what it was like after 5pm.

Technically a men's hoodie. Whatever; I do what I want.

MOON: Yikes. A good hoodie is a good hoodie, though.

JENN: Very much so. The rest of the expo was pretty crowded too, but not insurmountably so. I wandered around and got a couple free cereal bars and such. Tried the Honey Stinger and Clif Bar samplings, which is always fun.

You should sign up for a marathon soon - it's awful and awesome and dreadful and THE BEST.

MOON: I'm not even sure where I'll be living or what job I'll have in six months, so...

JENN: True. But maybe you can do Marine Corps with me next year! Assuming I'm also still around, you can always stay with me. ☺

MOON: That would be fun.

JENN: Also fun? The roundup.

- Elbowglitter was also out there, cheering. Can't believe I missed the beer!

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  1. After work it was definitely not as crowded--by 6:30, there was no line for merchandise!

    1. Really? Damn! Ah well, I'll know for next time.

  2. Thanks for sharing C's recap. She found the expo definitely lacking in sizes at expo opening on Saturday Looking forward to reading your recap and yes, that hoodie is a good one. Love the logo on the front.

    1. I went on Saturday last year and it was nuts! Of course, it was a different location. Nicole's intel makes it sound like Friday evening might be the best time to go. I really think they'd sell more stuff if they'd thin the crowds - I know I would've perused more thoroughly!

  3. I was there around lunchtime on Friday and the merch line was INSANE. Friends spent 2+ hours in it.