Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Fairest Week In Review: 11/25

JENN: Happy Thanksgiving Eve! So how's life post fall? Are you recovering nicely?

MOON: Mm-hm, but I'm still unable to run. But, stairs! And cello. I can play cello and do stairs for a bit.

JENN: All good things! I am officially injured now too. :( Although I couldn't tell you WHY.

MOON: Lol, phantom ailment!

JENN: My first run after I got back from WDW, for no apparent reason, my right Achilles tendon was like, "Hmmm, no, I'm not entirely sure I like this." And it's been repeating that message ever since, albeit with varying degrees of intensity.

I thought I had bested it by not running for a week, but then I took a shot at another run and my Achilles was like HELLO I MISSED YOU LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MY SUFFERING. So. Yeah. That's where I'm at. I think November is just cursed. Although at least this time around I can still, like, walk and stuff.

MOON: Walking is good. Yeah, November has not been the best month. :( Although, at least nothing is broken.

JENN: Also, it's cold now. Who authorized this?!

MOON: Lol, I believe Earth left you a memo.

JENN: Unacceptable. Let's try to cheer ourselves up with the roundup.

- Back at Square Zero puts the harness back on motivation.
- Prairie Princess Runners understands that the treadmill is magical and wonderful.
- Pink Elephant on Parade can help you figure out if runDisney is for you. (If it isn't, we cannot be friends.)
- Disney Travel Babble got to eat breakfast in the Jungle Cruise!
- Davelandblog has an interesting experience on Pirates of the Caribbean...
- It's almost Christmastiiiiime! The Disney Tourist Blog has the scoop on Disneyland decorations. PRETTY.
- Speaking of which, Sparkly Ever After is way into Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. (I was eh.)

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