Wednesday, December 2, 2015

In Which Jenn Dreams About runDisney Again


It started out innocuously enough. I was at next year's Wine & Dine Half. I went to the expo. I loved, I laughed, I lived. Went to my hotel. Futzed around. It was 6pm. Suddenly I realized - I had left the expo without ever picking up my bib.

I mean, who needs it?

What followed was a madcap series of dream vignettes that included such activities as attempting to go back to the expo even though I knew it was closed, then dashing about the race itself trying to find some authority who could, I don't know, bestow upon me a random new bib. Because I can only imagine they have those lying around at the start line. (Do they have such things lying around at the start line? Any information would be welcome.)

Given the newfound portentous nature of my race nightmares, this has me worried. If you see me at the Wine & Dine Half 2016 expo, check that I have my bib. If I don't, SMACK ME ACROSS THE FACE.

Do you have running nightmares? Are they as ridiculous as mine?

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  1. Have no fear. As an honorary member of Team Can Am, we got this.

    1. I can always count on Can Am to smack me in the face when I need it!