Thursday, December 10, 2015

In Which Jenn's Corral Concerns Are Really Shower Concerns

The WDW Marathon corral placements came out this week. I was worried.

See, I signed up late for the race. Like, unheard of late, for runDisney. So late that technically the proof of time submission deadline had passed. However, when filling out the form, I was still asked for a proof of time. And so the question became: would it count? Or would I be placed - gasp - in THE LAST CORRAL???

This concern was not purely of vanity, nor exclusively over a worry that I'd be crowded by walkers. No, it was mostly about the post-race shower.

This trip is a down-and-back for me; I fly down Saturday, hit the expo, go to bed, get up (hopefully), run the race, fly home. I only have my hotel room for one night. Getting a late check out is crucial for me, and even then, it only gives me until 1pm to finish the race, make it back to Pop Century, and shower. I can't afford to lose any time hanging around in the corrals waiting to start.

And so I was nervous when I clicked the link to get my race waiver and find out my number. Where would I fall?

H. I'm in corral H. PRAISE BE TO MICKEY!

My last two Marine Corps Marathons both came in juuuuuust under 5 hours. The race starts at 5:30am, so let's say for the sake of argument that I cross the start line around 6am. Assuming I maintain a similar pace, that means I'd finish around 11am - BUT. I want to build in another 30 minutes for character stops (which I only plan to do if I see someone AWESOME but I'm sure there'll be at least one), a potential ride on Everest if the timing works out, bathroom breaks if needed, and just for general safety. With a finish time of 11:30am, I should still be able to make it to my room and shower before the cutoff if I book.

All that remains to cement this perfect plan: that late checkout. Please let me have it, Pop Century! OR I SHALL HURL MYSELF INTO YOUR POOL.

Winnie the Pool Bear. AHAHAHAHA!!! (Please send help.)

How do you handle less-than-ideal post-race conditions?

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  1. I say screw personal hygiene and be THAT CHICK on the flight home. Would def qualify as major post-race shenanigans.