Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Fairest Week In Review: 2/18

Heyyyy! Jenn again. Guess what I did on Tuesday? A FIFTEEN MILER! What with various taper periods, injuries, and a general lack of get-it-togetherness, this is my longest training run since August. Yikes. (In my defense, I did run two marathons and a twenty miler in the interim. But still.)

Did you know Twitter can be a huge help when going for a long run? I do now! I tweeted some of my 15er ordeal and somehow got myself a cheerleader:

ScootADoot, wherever you are, I love you.

So yeah! That's where I am right now, running-wise. Gotta build that strength back up, but I'll get there.

And now: the roundup.

- Back at Square Zero works out on the go.
- Fairytales & Fitness features workout gear for animal lovers! Squee!
- Parkeology killed Leota. Embarrassing.
- Mouse on the Mind monkeys around.
- Home Is Where The Mouse Is makes the Wilderness Lodge's cheese fondue.
- Walt Disney World for Grownups digs the American Adventure pavilion at Epcot.
- The Disney Hipsters hit the Skipper Canteen for a vegetarian review.

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