Friday, March 4, 2016

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/04

Hey guys! Still no Moon this week, but she's thinking of you and still into the running thing! She says:

Did you hear about the woman who won the world marathon challenge? 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. Apparently she wore compression socks for that entire 7 day competition. She also won ALL OF THEM. Talk about over achieving!

Well. That is definitely impressive. I have not myself been doing anything half so impressive on the running front, but the weekly mileage counts are creeping up, however slowly, so that's something! And since I perform my training runs solo, you could say I, too, win ALL OF THEM.

Or not.

Sometime it's a hard slog, though. And when that happens, y'know what keeps me going? Daydreaming about my next runDisney race, of course! Registration for the Wine & Dine Half opens on Tuesday, and you'd better BELIEVE I'm signing up the second the clock hits noon. I may even be dragging a friend in with me - we'll see how well I sell it over the weekend.

And on that happy note: the roundup!

- Back At Square Zero discusses the importance of scaling back now and again.
- Fit2Flex participates in runDisney kids races.
- The Magic of Running tries a new trail.
- Running at Disney tries the Pasta in the Park party.
- Jambo Everyone gets crunk at DAK.
- Morning the loss of the bacon cupcake at this year's F&G Festival? Main Street Gazette has you covered with the recipe.
- This Fairytale Life has afternoon tea at The Disneyland Hotel.
- Walt Disney World for Grownups enjoys WDW's peanut butter treats.
- My Disney Addiction is back with another trip report!

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