Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In Which Jenn Is A Meshuganah & More

Running can come with commentary.

"Sometimes I think this is very impressive. Sometimes I think you might be a bit of a meshugana."
- coworker looking at my cube wall of bibs and medals

"Maybe you're running to much. Maybe you should cut back a little."
- my mom, who thinks I could stand to scale back a bit on the mileage

"Oh, you ran a half marathon in XX time yesterday? I'd still be running."
- this is a surprisingly popular reaction

"You ran a marathon yesterday and you didn't even tell anyone? I would've told everyone. I told everyone when I ran a half marathon!"
- coworker who just ran her first half marathon

"If I had one of those mileage stickers on my car, it would say .01."
- Magic Kingdom security guard noticing my Dopey medal

"I hate running."
- everyone ever

What's the craziest/funniest/annoying-est thing anyone's ever said to you about running?

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  1. Craziest/funniest/annoying....."MAYBE YOU SHOULD STOP RUNNING" (Insert look of ultimate incredulity here)