Monday, April 25, 2016

In Which Jenn Wants To Make Saltface Happen

News flash: it was warm enough for me to go on a MORNING OUTDOOR RUN last week. Awwwww man. Don't get me wrong, I wore wore sleeves and long pants, but still.

I was coming in from my run just as my boyfriend was jetting off to work. He gave me a goodbye kiss, which he followed up with "Ew." To which I replied: "HAHAHAHA DELICIOUS" because I am a delightful girlfriend. What I'm trying to get at here is: SALTFACE.

You know what I'm talking about, right? You go for a long run, you really go for it, and somehow when you come back your face - your lips, your brows, your eyes - is crusted with a sweaty, salty melange of yuckiness.

Runner's World assures us this is caused by a diet that is high in liquids and low in sodium; salty sweaters are doing well on the hydration front, plus we're sweating hard so we're working hard, right? Go us! Though we should probably add a bit more sodium to our diets for performance purposes.

But back the immediate topic: the resulting face paste. Is there a word for it? Do we not have an official portmanteau? WHY NOT? Saltface isn't particularly flashy or clever, but it's straightforward and it gets the job done. Use it! Like this!
FRIEND: How was your half marathon?
YOU: Great! I made a PR! I sweat so hard I came back with a major case of saltface. Do you have any soy sauce I could chug?
So, really, saltface is about honor. Tell your friends! Make it happen!

Do you get saltface? Are you willing to make saltface happen?

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  1. Ahhhhhh saltface. The favorite of mutts worldwide.....

    1. Puppy kisses: yet another perk of saltface.

  2. Yes! Saltface is for the cool kids. I never understood it since I eat a relatively low sodium diet. But nope, salt everywhere. I have to add salt to my diet in the hot weather to keep from getting headaches. Mmm, popcorn.

    1. Those of us with saltface can eat all the popcorn we want!