Friday, April 1, 2016

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/01

On brief Moon hiatus again, guys. No foolin'! We had a meeting set up yesterday to talk, and then her work schedule changed. :( Ah well. Hopefully we can catch her next week!

In the meantime, I am thrilled to announce that I MADE THE MARINE CORPS MARATHON LOTTERY! I'm IN, baby!

Last year I ran as a fundraiser for the Diabetes Action Team, and while I don't regret the experience for a second, I wouldn't want to run for a charity again unless the expectations were very reasonable - it's just too hard to raise the money. I'm not pushy enough to extract money from people who aren't ready to hand it to me anyway. Major, major kudos to those who can drum up thousands for charities, but I'm afraid I'm simply lacking the talent.

Anyway, I've officially got my sights on Marathon #5! The race schedule is falling into place. Luckily my training is going pretty well; my runs have been decent lately. Goals for the summer include outdoor runs (still too cold and dark right now) and speed runs (not working with my dance schedule during the class semester), but for now I'm plugging away.

And now, as is traditional, I offer you the roundup.

- Black Dog Runs Disney runs for a cause.
- Elbowglitter encourages us all to go to the gym no matter how we think we look.
- The Runner's Guide to WDW highlight's WDW's resort trails.
- Mouse on the Mind hangs out in the DCL spa...
- ...While the Disney Hipsters sit around.
- Main Street Gazette wonders what pricing and WDW mean to us.
- Living A Disney Life considers the logistics of dining at Disney with a big ol' group.
- An Open Suitcase visits The Ganachery at Disney Springs.
- Even The Disney Tourist Blog is one and done on some Disney things.
- Disney Dork Tom hits the Studios' 50s Prime Time Cafe.

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