Thursday, August 18, 2016

In Which Jenn Misses Disney's Partnership With Nescafe (WAIT I CAN EXPLAIN)

A lot of Disney fan discussion centers around coffee. Where to get the best coffee on property, where to get the cheapest coffee, is Starbucks in fact a gift from God or a Satan-born waste of Main Street Bakery space (yes but also yes). But the one thing just about everyone seems to agree upon is this: Thank God Joffrey replaced the glorified piss that was Nescafe.

The coffee company, not the universally reviled GoT character.

And not without reason. I think we can all agree that Nescafe was barely coffee, being as it is basically instant coffee powder. The nerve of them, making us pay for that stuff. But here's the weird thing: I kinda miss it.

Don't get me wrong, even an occasional coffee drinker such as myself can tell that Nescafe is NOT delicious. When I buy a latte in the parks, I want it to be a GOOD latte, not gross powder coffee water. I do not deviate that far from the path of general consensus.

However - you know those big urns of coffee they put out in the food courts? At least they do it that way in the value resorts; I dunno if they make the coffee experience fancier at more expensive lodgings. I have these really fond memories from my 2011 trip of filling my Disney refillable mug halfway with crappy coffee from a giant silver urn, then topping it off with hot chocolate and little bit of cream before heading off to the park for a day of fun. This was before I started running, and I was just a girl on a Disney trip, enjoying a week of park awesomeness with her then-boyfriend, starting her morning with a sugary, caffeinated sludge that was at once disgusting and amazing.

So. Nescafe. It's decidedly un-delicious. But without it, I can't recreate the park sludge taste I remember. And the very robust nostalgic side of me wishes I could.

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  1. I hate the tastes of coffee. HATE IT. But throw in some chocolate and sugar and it's like I go from bologna sammich to gourmet grilled cheese. YES, I'M THAT EASILY PLEASED.

  2. I actually dislike coffee. After drinking it, i feel uncomfortable. :( However, i extremely like Capuchino ^^