Thursday, September 15, 2016

In Which Jenn Is Ready To Kick Butt This Race Season

Here's an interesting idea: I think I may be in a position to crush my race season this year.

Okay, maybe crush is too strong. Squash? Cause to buckle? Apply a lot of pressure to? Anyway, I think I'm the best position I've been since my running career began.

I made my summer productive; I got my training in. I hear the Navy-Air Force Half is pretty flat, and after my reasonably good performance in the ZOOMA Annapolis Half O' Hills I almost wonder - is a PR afoot?

And no more lackluster 14 miler to lead into my 20 mile run a la last year! Nope, this time I smoked a 17 miler and am ready to kill this year's National Capital 20 Miler.

That of course leads directly into my performance at the Marine Corps Marathon. The Wine & Dine Half Marathon, with its mere one week of buffer time between, does raise some potential complications, but by that point I'm cruising through a runDisney race and who cares how fast I am, right?

I gotta be careful though. Can't get cocky. Can't get injured. Can't overextend in one race only to blow another. And above all: I cannot sleep through my alarm.

The Navy-Air Force Half is this Sunday, everybody. Wish me luck!


How are you feeling about your race season?

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