Friday, March 10, 2017

In Which Jenn Tempted The Race Gods & Lost

Hey, remember when told you I had signed up for the Rock 'n Roll Marathon because, having survived the frigid temperatures of the WDW Marathon, I was willing to take my chances on the weather?


Look, just... I don't know. Send me warm thoughts and all the blankets you own, okay?

Potential to die of hypothermia aside, my morale is still reasonably high (SO FAR). I had a really strong WDW Marathon in those cold temperatures, and I think maybe - just maybe - that could translate to something good here. But I've been hurt by goals before...

The only slightly scary bit is that I woke up this morning with a minor sore throat. It dissipated in the face of tea and honey so with any luck it's nothing. (Please band together with me in convincing the universe that I am NOT SICK, DAMMIT.)

All I can do is wear every long-sleeved shirt I own, get out there, and see what happens. Here's hoping!

Will you be at the race? What are your best cold weather running tips? I already have a hat, gloves, and a pre-race throwaway layer.

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