Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/18

This week. This is the week. Walt Disney World, here I come!!!

But first, last week's workouts:

Sunday | rest
I initially planned to go for a run this day, but thanks to the events of what shall now be referred to as The Mimosa Incident, this proved to be impossible.

Monday | walked 2.42 miles outside in 40 minutes; 70 minute ballet class
My backup plan was to run Monday morning, but again: The Mimosa Incident.

Tuesday | ran 10.25 miles outside in 1:50
This actually went pretty well. The champagne-laced curse is broken!

Wednesday | ran 5.24 miles on the treadmill in 60 minutes

Thursday | walked 2.11 miles outside in 25 minutes; 70 minute ballet class

Friday | ran 7.26 miles on the treadmill in 1:15

Saturday | rest

Stupid mimosas.

Not much news on the WDW planning front, except to say: FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY. I'm going home, kids!

The Twilight Bark:

- Elbowglitter ponders whether virtual races are worth doing.
- Fairytales & Fitness visits Hershey, PA's Chocolate Spa. Someday I should do this.
- The Runner's Guide to WDW wants to set us up for runDisney success.
- Disney In Your Day shares fond memories of the Flower & Garden Festival. T-Minus 3 days...
- An Open Suitcase remember's the Magic Kingdom's Swan Boats.
- WDW for Grownups admires Epcot's Morocco's urban spice garden.
- easyWDW reviews the Polynesian Village Resort's Spirit of Aloha Luau, and to be honest I kinda forgot that was a thing...
- Living A Disney Life packs up for WDW!
- Rolling with the Magic gives an ADA review of Journey Into Your Imagination. (If you want me to link to your blog, write about Figment. Slam dunk!)
- Speaking of the Imagination Pavilion, check out this photo of ImageWorks' bygone Rainbow Corridor. I want it back. :(

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