Wednesday, November 29, 2017

In Which Jenn Is Prepped For WDW

Things to do tomorrow:

1. Go to Walt Disney World.

In the wise words of Lavender Gooms:

Things not to do on this WDW trip:

1. Run a runDisney race.

Which makes me feel all weird. You mean I don't have to immediately bolt for the expo as soon as I get there? I haven't had a non-race trip since... December 2013, the last time I took my mom. Hmmm.

Here are an assortment of things I do intend to do:
  • Since my mom only rides the green side anyway, let's check out the new Mission: Space
  • Get some margaritas from the new stand in Mexico
  • Enjoy the elephant and Behind the Seeds tours for the first time
  • Try some of Epcot's Festival of the Holidays food booths, with an emphasis on those smoked salmon things from Alsace, the mochi cake from Japan, and all the fancy drinks
  • Investigate the inevitable train wreck that is the new Hall of Presidents (Never mind, probably)
  • Take in Flights of Wonder one last time (I hope I get my favorite Guano Joe!)
  • Watch the France movie, since my mom'll dig the soundtrack and who knows how long it has to live
  • Get some Hightower Rocks from Nomad Lounge
  • Watch the new MK fireworks show
  • Finally catch Rivers of Light
  • See Guinan recite the story of Jesus's birth, or the script of "Yesterday's Enterprise;" whichever
  • Accept, with resignation, that Pandora is a thing and, like, go there, I GUESS

It shall be awesome! Be on the lookout for mad tweets and instas so you can follow along. See ya around the World!

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