Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Fairest Week In Review: 11/28

Guys. Guys guys. It's ALMOST TIME. Almost time for Walt Disney World!!!

Let's get my workout log out of the way right quick so that we can get to the good stuff:

Sunday | ran 10.11 miles outside in 1:45

Monday | walked 2.18 miles in 35 minutes; 60 minute ballet class

Tuesday | ran 5.22 miles outside in 55 minutes

Wednesday | walked 2.04 miles outside in 35 minutes

Thursday | ran 6.22 miles in 58 minutes and then another 2.03 miles in 21 minutes
First bit was the Turkey Chase 10k; second bit was me running home from the finish line.

Friday | ran 3.26 miles outside in 35 minutes

Saturday | rest

Okay, on to Disney stuff! I was sooooo close to switching my resort reservation AGAIN this week, because my beloved Pop Century became available. But it ultimately seemed like it would be cutting Magical Express ticket stuff too close, and since we're checking bags we need those stickers. I restrained myself.

What I DID rebook was my Be Our Guest breakfast ADR!!! YES!!!! We've moved from a crazy-early 8am ADR to a much more reasonably 9:35am breakfast time, and since the Magic Kingdom opens at 8am for Extra Magic Hours that morning the change is invaluable. I'm very pleased.

I was a little concerned about weather last week - for awhile it looked like it might be downright chilly in Orlando while we're there, with some highs in the upper 60s only. O.o Luckily predicted temperatures have rocketed up to at least the mid 70s for all four days, which is much more my style.

I am still deeply scarred by the 2017 WDW Marathon.

I'll be posting my usual pre-trip bucket list/plans tomorrow. In the meantime: roundup, take it away.

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  1. Yay for warmer weather! I am also still scarred by the coldness of the 2017 marathon.

    1. It's looking like it'll be in the upper 70s the whole time now! :D :D :D