Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Fairest Week In Review: 12/20

Becky from Disney In Your Day challenged me to figure out which five characters I would invite to a Disney Christmas dinner party, so I'm going to start with that because it's more interesting and festive than anything else I have to say at this time, trust me.

This is an unexpectedly difficult question and I had to do some pondering before I came up with an answer. So rather than do the responsible blogger thing and craft something thoughtful, I decided to cheat. My answers are: Dug from Up, Figaro from Pinocchio, Max from Tangled, Khan from Mulan, and that cute barking stool from Beauty and the Beast. Lots of animal snuggles and Dug could translate!

There! Merry Christmas. Now for the workout log:

Sunday | rest day
This was kinda-sorta an unscheduled rest day. I had tentatively planned to run anywhere from 5 to 7 miles, but it was cold and there was residual snow on the ground and I had a 15 miler coming up later in the week so I elected to skip it. #noregrets

Monday | ran 5.31 miles outside in 55 minutes

Tuesday | walked 2.08 miles outside a 35 minutes; 60 minute ballet class

Wednesday | ran 15.38 miles on the treadmill in 2:35
Also known as my long run before the WDW Marathon. Should I run longer? Probably, sure, yeah. Will I? Naaaah. Call me crazy but I think 15 is fine - I'm still mildly in IT Band injury recovery and the WDW Marathon is not that demanding. No PRs here! I did the same last year and had a great race, so we'll see what happens.

Thursday | walked 2.24 miles outside in 40 minutes; 60 minute ballet class

Friday | ran 5.36 miles outside in 55 minutes

Saturday | rest day
A very Christmas-y day! We watched three Christmas movies and wrapped presents and it was awesome.

Ruffian was a huge help.

Annnnnnd the roundup:

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  1. Haha I love it! Lots of snuggly animals at Christmas sounds great! Side note - we watched Belle's Enchanted Christmas this past weekend and we discovered the footstool/dog's name is Sultan.

    1. AHA! Kinda like that one fish in Finding Nemo has a name but they never say it except it's in the credits or something but I now I forget.