Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Fairest Week In Review: 1/18

Here we are in a post-WDW Marathon apocalyptic wasteland. At least you get to take a lot of rest days there. Workout log, show the nice people.

Sunday | WDW Marathon, 4:47:44, BEST RACE EVER

Monday | rest
I had planned to take a ballet class, but an impending ice storm compelled me to stay home. Just as well; I was pretty tired anyway.

Tuesday | walked 2.76 miles outside in 45 minutes; 65 minute ballet class

Wednesday | walked 2.38 miles outside in 40 minutes

Thursday | rest, but I walked a lot
... because I was off to NYC for a conference. I have the spirit of a real New Yorker, and I know this because IF ONE MORE DAWDLING TOURIST COMES TO A SLIDING STOP IN FRONT OF ME IN TIME SQUARE I WILL END THEM.

Friday | rest
This was the day Pat took me to see The Lion King on Broadway and it was AMAAAAAZING. More on that to come!

Saturday | rest
In which I learned I am afraid of the subway. TOO MANY CHOICES. Where I am from, there are only 6 Metro lines and it doesn't matter because they're all on fire or something anyway.

Before my Tuesday ballet class I was randomly chatting with a fellow dancer about my marathon. Another dancer overheard and expressed interest in potentially running a runDisney race! So of course I sent her a whole long-winded email about it; despite that she still seems potentially on board. Which is awesome - more runDisney friends!

Awww, remember when Moon was here? Those were the days.


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