Thursday, March 15, 2018

In Which Jenn Goes After Marathon #10

This Saturday, I embark upon a historic milestone: my tenth marathon. 

"OMG, how did you get there???" you ask? Well...

"Damn, you need to branch out more," you say? Your wish is my command: I'm heading down to NC for the Wrightsville Beach Marathon. I hear the course is flat and fast, and my dad can drive me to the start line, which is another perk I look for in a race.

Some interesting (and dare I say heartening?) coincidences here. The weather forecast for Wrightsville Beach calls for a high of 66, which sounds lovely. Except the race starts before 7am, and when I look at the hourly I'll probably be starting with temps in the upper 40s and maaaaybe finish in the low low 60s if I'm very lucky.

I'm a warm weather girl, but these temperatures aren't too far off from what I experienced during my last WDW Marathon... when I PR'd HARD.

Also? My bib number is exactly the same as it was for last year's Parks Half Marathon... in which I PR'd for the half.

So. My IT Band has been behaving lately. I felt strong and capable during my 17 miler. I have good omens on my side. Am I looking at a really great race?!

Probably not, now that I've suggested it. Dammit, why did I have to take up blogging?

Oh well. Wish me luck!

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