Tuesday, May 8, 2018

In Which Jenn Finds Some Curioser & Curioser Disney Clothing

Can we talk for a hot second about the bootleg Disney clothing that riddles Amazon?

As part of my Disney Dandy(tm) duties, I like to stay apprised of the latest Disney clothing offerings so that I might better outfit myself in the parks. Mostly this manifests in Hot Topic taking all my money, but there are other sources out there, too. You can find things like t-shirts at Five Below, fancy shoes at ThinkGeek, handmade ear headbands on Etsy, and, of course, everything under the sun on Amazon.

The thing about some of these Amazon offerings is that they're v. under the radar, as apparently some of the manufacturers are using Disney characters without obtaining proper licensing. How do I know this? Well...

Here we have a dress featuring "Kittens."

And here's another that's "Colorful."

This one is apparently "Snow White," which....?

Perhaps you would prefer a "Prince & Princess."

(This same seller also offers the same dress in a Heironymous Bosch print, which brings me no end of amusement.)

This manufacturer must think Tim Burton is steak sauce, because this dress is labeled "A1."

Now for my favorite: check out these pants, featuring a "Splicing Animal."

I'm not here to narc on any of these businesses - it's all Disney legal's problem, not ours. And I still think Hot Topic is the best place for Disney clothing purchases for variety. But I can't say I'm not enjoying how some of these clothing companies are pretending that they're completely unaffiliated.

P.S. I'm just realizing now my screenshots include my potential gift list for Pat, for some reason? So if you see him, don't tell him what's on it. Thanks! :D

Have you ever purchased bootleg Disney merch?

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