Thursday, October 25, 2018

In Which Jenn Confronts Her Eleventh Marathon

I have now run 10 marathons. When you've done 10 marathons, you've done a lot of different kinds of marathons.

There's the cold marathon...

... and then the even colder marathon.

There's your first marathon...

...your last marathon...

And of course, always and against your better judgment... your next marathon.

My next marathon - my eleventh marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon - is next Sunday. I have had a good training cycle. I've experienced some minor inner knee issues. The weather looks like it might be advantageous for running if we can avoid rain. 

We'll see what happens, but here's the main thing about 10 marathons: I know that no matter what comes my way, I can do it!

When's your next marathon?

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  1. Get it!! I'm still working on running a half without bad hip pain, but I'm hopeful that someday I can tackle Dopey.

    1. You totally can! Worse case scenario, powerwalk that sucker,