Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Fairest Week In Review: 10/03

So it's been a mixed week. I got to go to the beach on Friday! But we ran into another bedbug issue. (Fear not, we have it under control. After all, we know what we're doing. >D) I successfully ran 20 miles, but now my knee hurts. I discussed it with my ballet teacher, who's really good at anatomy and suchlike, and she counseled heat, stretching, and massage, so we'll see how that goes.

She didn't mention wine as a potential cure but I might try it anyway.

I suppose they can't all be winners, while at the same time not being losers. Or something like that. Anyway, here's my workout log:

Sunday | rest
Drove back from the Outer Banks, which didn't leave much running time.

Monday | ran 7.16 miles outside in 1:15; 55 minute ballet class
One of those rare runs where I wasn't necessarily particularly speedy but I felt great. Weee!

Tuesday | walked 2.03 miles outside in 35 minutes

Wednesday | ran 7.14 miles outside in 1:15

Thursday | ran 3.06 miles outside in 30 minutes
Keeping it short and sweet in preparation for Sunday's 20 miler.

Friday | rest 
I drove over to Ocean City, MD to hang out with Pat's family. I had to telework most of the day, which was unfortunate, but I did get to take a long lunch and go for a walk down the boards, so.

Saturday | rest
It occurs to me that I never got an email about the race from the 20 Miler people. I guess as far as they're concerned, if you didn't remember you'd registered you didn't deserve to participate.

And now here's the roundup!

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