Friday, March 8, 2019

In Which Jenn Is About To Tackle Marathon #13

Okaaaay! So. I'm sure I've mentioned this. I have a marathon coming up on Saturday. Wrightsville Beach Marathon go-round number 2.

But it's not just any marathon. It's my ceremonial marathon #13. And 13, as you may not know, is one of my lucky numbers!*


So will this be my lucky marathon? Well I'll tell ya... I don't know.

Pro: It's supposed to be a runner-friendly mid-to-upper-50s for most of the race.
Con: But it's also supposed to rain the night before, so some parts of the course could be wet/muddy.

Pro: My IT band has been behaving itself of late! (Knock on wood, please. All of you.)
Con: I occasionally feel the beginnings of a tight hamstring. I've never quite gotten there but I better stretch and maybe even tape it up...

Pro: I have a solid fueling plan and having been making pretty nutritionally sound choices all week. No drinking.
Con: Oh, God. I've been sneezing a lot the last couple days. Am I getting a cold?!

In conclusion: darned if I know. But I do know that come tomorrow morning I'll be toeing the line, like a good little non-quitter, armed with my race mantras and ready to face the music. Pray for me now and in the hour of my potential death.

*Fun fact about me: my costume was filed as Wench 13 when I worked at Medieval Times.

What's your lucky number?

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