Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Ummmmm... Change Of Plans, Guys


You may recall how last week I was all, hey! I signed up for the WDW Marathon! Duh!

You may also recall how a couple months ago I was like, runDisney challenges aren't for me, man.

And if you read that post, you may further remember that I rather prophetically noted that this mandate would likely go out the window the second someone suggested I do a challenge with them.

Which leads me to a couple days ago, when Erika (remember Erika?) texted me to ask if I was doing the WDW Marathon next year. Of course, I said.

Well, she said, do I recommend she do the half or the full? I said that she should do whatever makes her feel most excited.

And then I STUPIDLY added, if you the half, I'll probably sign up for that too, ha ha!

And then she said, oh, if you do both, I'll do both too!

And then, like an idiot, I sent her the link to the Goofy Challenge.

Moving it along: the next day she sends me a screenshot of her Goofy registration, I write runDisney and ask to transfer, they tell me how (I'll explain later), and bang zoom, I'm registered for Goofy.

I've been Dopey before, so I know I can do it. And it's practically fiscally responsible, right? I mean, with Erika sharing my room, I get half my money back there. Logic!

So anyway, I'll see you bright and hellishly early on the mornings of January 11 and 12 for the WDW half and full marathons. Remember, once you're awake the hard part is over!

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Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/20

Hola y salutations! Hello! Happy 4/20 if you celebrate!

Okay, first things first: if you are a pale person in Puerto Rico, you need to wear MORE sunscreen. I didn't say you need to wear some sunscreen, I said you need to wear MORE sunscreen. MORE. You can't even trust the umbrellas with the margaritas under them. MORE. SUNSCREEN. ¿Entiendas?

Next thing: I am cranky because I only brought one pair of running shoes, which was wise because we were way over the maximum weight for a lot of our luggage as it was. But I am feeling annoyed that I've spent 3 weeks in the same exact pair of shoes. Oh my God, I am such an entitled Runner Type Person. What can you do.

Third thing: last week I ran 4 miles and change every weekday. I'm still easy into this Running In Puerto Rico thing. It's hot out here.

Fourth thing: roundup!

- Just Me & My Running Shoes has some marathon stats.
- The Disney Tourist Blog reviews WDW's "worst" restaurant, which I really thought was going to be ABC Commissary but as it turns out is the Electric Umbrella.
- My beloved easyWDW reviews this new DAK tasting menu thing.
- The Tomorrow Society thanks the Phoenicians.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

In Which Jenn Is Registered For 2020, Obviously

Today in surprising turns of events: yesterday I registered for the 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon. I KNOW! Shocking! I've only done it the last 5 years in a row while periodically gushing about how it's my favorite thing to happen all year.

It feels especially important to me right now as I am on a temporary runDisney hiatus given our move to Puerto Rico. Indeed, preliminary research seems to suggest I don't have a ton of races to choose from here at all. I hope to get right back in the thick of things next year, but for now the WDW Marathon is the only definite event on the ol' race schedule.

I also locked down a room in advance: once again I rented DVC points and am staying in Kidani Village for 3 days! Yay! I must admit I'm experiencing the teensiest skosh of buyer's remorse, only because I have stayed there before and maybe I should've chosen something different? But none of my other options were super compelling and anyway I did love Kidani last time. Next year I'll have to get on my reservation sooner so I have more choices.

I haven't yet decided if I'll be going into the parks this time, but I'm leaning toward yes. Probably DAK since it's my favorite park and maybe also the Studios since I still haven't seen the new Toy Story area? I know Galaxy's Edge will be open at that point too and full of crowds but I can give that a wide berth for the time being... many things to ponder.

In conclusion, I am, as always, hella excited for the WDW Marathon and I hope to see you there! :D

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Monday, April 15, 2019

In Which The Seven Dwarfs Wear Shoulder Pads Or Something?

I come to you today with another Disney Dandy discovery. Sort of. I might not wear this one. It is... different.

My grandmother died a couple years ago - ah, memories - and my parents were finally able to sell her house early this year. This facilitated a major clean-out, as she was a collector. (Not a hoarder, mind you, a collector.) (But also possibly a hoarder.)

Anyway, she had a lot of stuff. She mostly liked Judy Garland and The Wizard of Oz by extension, Shirley Temple, and dolls, but she had some Disney things too. Among the Disney items I was bequeathed was a t-shirt. And oh, what a t-shirt it is!

Minxie is equally perplexed.

Based on the tag inside, I'm going to guess this shirt was obtained from the Disney Store in the '90s. The tag also denotes this item as a size L; if you ask me it looks more like an XL at least. Although based on vague memories of outfit descriptions in Babysitters Club books, I want to say oversized t-shirts were in at the time? I have never been truly cool a day in my life so someone else who is old+ please confirm.

In addition to a snazzy print of the Seven Dwarfs engaging in a little competitive cheerleading, the shirt emphasizes the gem mine setting by adorning the shirt with bedazzled gems. Fozzie says: it's threeeeeeeeeeeeeee-D!

All right, so, we're not exactly looking at a tres chic item here. But wait, there's more! Peek inside the sleeves and what do we find? Why, it's... SHOULDER PADS!!!

I know shoulder pads were a big thing in the '80s that probably bled into the '90s at least a bit, but in a t-shirt? I thought it was just, like, blazers and suit coats and crud like that. Shoulder pads in a t-shirt? How? Why?

So I don't know what to do with this one. I certainly can't imagine wearing it, but it's so charmingly bizarre I can't imagine getting rid of it either. I think I'll look at it once in a while and giggle to myself.

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Friday, April 12, 2019

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/12

Hello and welcome to week two of Jenn Lives in Puerto Rico! I continue to enjoy being warm all the time, even if it comes at the cost of very sweaty runs. I talked about running here a bit yesterday.

Although I just realized I forgot to include the fact that while I do all my runs in the morning, and I see quite a few people running at twilight, I witnessed a guy running at noon the other day. In the full sun! And humidity! Mid-80s! There is not a big enough water bottle in the world!

I suppose for short runs it wouldn't be so terrible. And short runs is mostly what I've been doing, to get the feel for things. I don't have super accurate data right now because my other computer is in the process if being shipped over and that's where it all lives, but I did a 5k or so every weekday morning last week. Huzzah!

Jeez, without the full day-by-day workout recap these week in review posts look kinda anemic. Ummm... here is a picture of Ruffian being adorable. There, now it's been worth your while!

Okay, roundup time.

- Elbowglitter knows that comparisons are odious.
- Darlin' Rae reviews an Insta-famous sports bra.
- Fairytales & Fitness ponders some memorable runs.
- Disney In Your Day reviews the new Dumbo live action movie.
- easyWDW does the legwork on another research topic: does the day you visit a WDW park matter?
- Skyway to Wonderland explores one of my favorite Disney Springs stores, the Marketplace Co-op.
- Davelandblog shares images of a forgotten Mary Blair mural in Disneyland.
- Pixie Dust Savings calls out the places to hang with characters outside the parks.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

In Which Jenn Runs In San Juan

While we apartment-hunt for a permanent place, Pat and I are staying in a little place by the beach in Ocean Park, in the northern part of San Juan on the coast. It's not a proper hotel and there's no gym... but like any good addict, I'm not about to let my training just drop, y'know? Mama needs her mileage! ... Ew. Why did I say that? I mean, it's true, but why did I say it like that?

Anyway. So it's hot here in Puerto Rico (WUT) and humid, and even in the middle of the night it's 75 degrees. But I'm a warm weather person so that's okay. The first week I did a series of 3 milers, and then a series of 4, and it's working out fine.

The routes are a little weird, though. I mean, not weird, just not ideal. The neighborhood we're in is compact so I do a lot of doubling up around blocks and stuff. A nice feature, though, is a park about a third of a mile away from our place. I mean, can't hate on that view, can you?

San Juan running

And this sidewalk... embossing? Or whatever. It's pretty cute.

San Juan running

San Juan running

There's even a track in the park, although I'm not a huge track fan. I've used it once or twice but I prefer the neighborhood streets.

The sidewalks are rough, though, man. There are uneven curbs and potholes and random uneven bits. All throughout my ballet career my teacher has told me to stop looking at the floor, but in running this particular skill has served me well. You gotta keep your eyes on the ground or you're going down. Hell, I almost broke my ankle this morning while walking. Thank God I have flexible joints.

I'm still hoping to snag an apartment with a treadmill when the time comes, but for now, this is working out fine. Now if I can only find a good race series...

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

The Fairest Week In Review: 4/06

Did I say service would be uninterrupted? Okay, well, I guess technically it hasn't been as I did make a post this week, but I'm obviously a little behind... like 3 or 4 days behind. Oh well. I'll get into this Puerto Rico rhythm yet!

Another thing I'm way behind on: The Barkley Marathons. I know they've been a huge thing since that one documentary in 2014, but when news reports of the 2019 version once again lauded its incredible toughness (no one finished for the second year in a row) I finally decided to take a second look. And boy howdy, it is fascinating.

The original documentary, The Race That Eats Its Young, is no longer on Netflix, but I was lucky enough to stumble upon it on YouTube yesterday morning. By that evening it had been pulled for copyright infringement. Right place, right time for me, but unfortunately I can't share it.

However! There's another, more recent YouTube documentary that, if not as explanatory, is just as interesting and soul-destroying. Please enjoy this account of Gary Robbins' attempts to finish. The ending rips out your heart and stomps all over it. You'll love it!

Anyway, back to the usual week in review stuff: I still haven't fully set up my Strava account after the untimely demise of Daily Mile, but I can tell you that last week I did a practice half, two 5 milers, and then moved to Puerto Rico on Friday. Wee!

And now for the roundup:

- easyWDW tries out the new VIP Taste of the Magic Kingdom tour.
- The Tomorrow Society continues its deep dive into Spaceship Earth's scenes.
- Living A Disney Life considers although those recent internet-breaking Disney parks rule changes.
- EPBOT explores this year's Epcot Flower & Garden Festival.
- WDW For Grownups selects the best cookies WDW has to offer.
- This Fairy Tale Life tries out a Disney Princess Breakfast Adventure.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

In Which Jenn Lives In Puerto Rico Now


¡Qué sorpresa! I moved to Puerto Rico!

Yep, Pat got a job here and after much planning and packing and a very traumatic plane ride for the kitties, we are now San Juan locals. Luckily we had an assist from the federal government (and how often can you say that these days?).

Obviously this will have reverberating life consequences. I need to properly learn Spanish, for one - no me recuerdo mucho español de mi escuela. I'm also going to have learn to drive LIKE A MANIAC. And while I'm teleworking with my old job for now, I may ultimately need to find something new.

As far as this blog is concerned, well, I'm still running! Just morning 5Ks so far - I need to get used to the heat and the neighborhood. I hope to get a hold of a treadmill at some point to help with the really long runs.

Now comes the sad part. Since life and livelihood are still up in the air at this point, I can't do any runDisney halves this year. Pour one out for that MAJOR bummer. Thank God I already asked my parents to subsidize a WDW Marathon trip as my Christmas/birthday present this year - you know I can't live without that one!

So that's what's up! On the off chance you're interested, Pat and I have put together a little blog about our Puerto Rico trip. The idea is to keep our friends and family apprised of our doings, but we're all friends, right? Check it out! losdulanys.com

In the meantime, keep checking back weekly. I still love running and Disney and I still love writing about them!

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