Tuesday, August 20, 2019

In Which Jenn Wants POCKETS (& No Chafing)

Okay. Okay. I shouldn't even be telling you about this. I'm only ruining it for myself. But I just can't help myself - they're so goooood!*

* And, to be clear, totally unsponsored. 

I've historically been a capris girl, even in the summer. I have Thighs and a Butt and I don't like Chafing. But it's so freaking hot in the Puerto Rico summer that I just had to break down and buy some running shorts.

I had an old pair from Target's C9 line, but they were sort of flimsy and didn't have any pockets. I needed to call in reinforcements. I snooped around on some potential models and brands, both luxury and cheap, before settling on an Old Navy pair. They were cheap, had a reasonable 5 inch inseam, and had side pockets, so what the hell, right? I took a shot.


How have a gone so long without side pockets in ALL my running gear??? Side pockets are the BUSINESS, my friends! Key pockets are so yesterday; I want to shove my keys in my left pocket and my whole goddamn cell phone in the right and CHAAAAAARGE! (aka slowly shuffle)

Old Navy shorts

Old Navy shorts

The 5" inseam? Perfection! Long enough to prevent the dreaded chub rub without being so long as to feel frumpy. Plus the shorts don't ride up and the high waist doesn't slip? SIGN ME UP.

And finally: the price. They retail at $20. But it's Old Navy so there's a sale, like, every other day.

To review: hella economical. Beautiful fit. POCKETS. Where's the catch?

Oh, I found it: their popularity. My research has not been exhaustive but I've ducked into several physical Old Navys Old Navies Old Navii and haven't found a single pair in stock. And if you want to catch 'em online, you've got to be quick - on more than one occasion I've turned my nose up waiting for a better sale and lived to regret it.

And now I'm telling you people and making it worse. I see the problem now: I'm an idiot. But that's not your fault, so buy a pair! You won't regret it.

Who makes your favorite running shorts? POCKETS ONLY.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

In Which Jenn Likes Yoga Because Of Disney, Obviously


Since I moved to Puerto Rico I don't have as many cross-training opportunities as I once did. Well, I say that - all I ever used to do was ballet. I've actually been doing some weight training and resistance exercises in addition to running, so you could argue that I'm doing more cross-training, maybe? But I miss ballet.

Not to say there isn't ballet in PR. Obviously there totally is. But we're sharing a car now and there are no dance studios in easy distance of me. Boo.

Yet when we first arrived and lived in temporary quarters, for a lovely 7 weeks, I was a 4 minute walk from a yoga studio. I'd never really been a yogi but it had a lot of the same flexibility demands as ballet so I gave it a shot. I can't say it made me feel like I'd been through a workout but I definitely streeeetched and even a little sore from that stretching sometimes.

So I liked it! Especially savasana, which is the part at the very end where you lie there and unwind from your practice. Not for the obvious reasons - I mean, sure, I like chilling as much as the next person, but I can do that at home. No, what I really liked was the music. Was it bangin'? Hell no. But it sure reminded me of Serka Zong.

Yup, I have the sort of mind that can bring anything back around to Walt Disney World. During savasana you're supposed to clear your mind of thought. But I've never been much good at that, so instead I did my version of meditation: as the drums and chimes and flutes washed over me, I imagined being in Disney's Animal Kingdom, wandering past Expedition Everest, watching the Tibetan prayer flags flap in the breeze. Good times, good times.

Alas, we ultimately settled in a different part of the city, and there's nary a yoga studio in safe walking distance anymore. I've been challenging myself to do a yoga video from YouTube every week, but you know how these things go. Still, this week I finally got around to pulling up the archived livestream Disney did a couple months ago for National Yoga Day. It take a loooong time to get started but once it does it's a simple practice anyone can do. Heck, I think the female instructor might even be the same one from the Yoga for Runners class I did at the 2018 WDW Marathon Expo. Now, if only they'd done it in DAK...

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Thursday, August 8, 2019

How To Add On A runDisney Challenge After You've Already Registered

I've seen the question pop up many a time in the runDisney fan Facebook groups: "I'm registered for just the half marathon, but I want to go Goofy! I'm registered for Goofy, but I want to be Dopey! Can I upgrade to a race challenge?"

Well, I lived that very tale, and I'm here to tell you that it's both doable and doable easily - for a price.

My first step was to email rundisney@disneysports.com. I laid out my dilemma - I was registered for the full but wanted to switch to Goofy - and requested information as to how I could make that switch.

A couple days later I received a very nice response telling me that it wouldn't be a problem provided that I took the following steps:

First, I was to register for Goofy outright. You do this like you would if you were starting fresh. Don't dilly-dally as if the race you want to transfer to sells out they can no longer help you.

Once this was done, I was to fill out a transfer form. This was a PDF attached to the initial email I received. It wasn't too complicated - it asked for my basic information plus the registration numbers of my former marathon registration and my new Goofy registration.

I sent this back in an email response and voila! Well, not entirely voila. I was assured that once the form was processed I would receive a refund on my original marathon registration, which I did - minus a $45 transfer fee. This strikes me as a little steep but I think we've all accepted by now that when it comes to pricing, Disney does what Disney wants.

And that's it! As far as I'm aware you can follow this process for transfers in any runDisney race weekend. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, however.

You can only transfer up, not down. The form I received (which I can only assume is customized per race weekend) offered the opportunity to transfer from the 10K to the half, half to full, full to Goofy, and Goofy to Dopey (with any combination leapfrogging to a higher distance permissible). There's no option to go backwards - if you're in the marathon, you can't get any money back dropping down to the half.

The other thing to note is that there is a transfer deadline. For this year's marathon weekend it's October 8, but it's going to be different every race weekend and year. If this is something you're pondering, make sure you check that deadline now so that you don't miss out.

runDisney mentions the ability to make transfers in your account, which may be a new feature. You can check that out on their race policies page. The above was my experience in April 2019 but things do change. The good news is you can always start by emailing that rundisney@disneysports.com email address - it's a pretty low risk way to start.

Hope this helps somebody! See ya at the Goofy races - I'll be the one who's just relieved she woke up on time. >D

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