Wednesday, January 8, 2020

In Which Jenn Is Off To Orlando Once Again

And away I go! (Almost.)

Tomorrow is day 1 of my WDW Marathon (or in this case, Goofy) trip, and as always, I am JAZZED. There've been some hiccups - my MDE tags went to the wrong address; WDW sent my Magic Bands too late - but everyone knows that a bad rehearsal leads to a good performance. As we say in ballet: merde!

As per usual, I shall now provide you with my bucket list for this trip:

- Do not die during Goofy! I'm undertrained as hell BUT my KT Tape regimen seems to be working and I'm feeling good about my nutrition and hydration over the last week or so. And if nothing else, my costumes are on fleek. (Do they kids still say fleek? I'm finna find out.)
- Facebook Live either running up Main Street or through World Showcase. I always mean to do that and then remember too late.
- By hook or by crook or by 5am alarm, I want to ride Rise of the Resistance. Duh.
- Pick up a bunch of stuff from Basin - I need more solid shampoo and oatmeal soap.
- Try Woody's Lunchbox - or Baseline Taphouse - or both? Hmmm...
- Witness Epcot Forever in the flesh!
- I must meet Kevin!

And so now I leave you, dear sweet readers, but not for long. Hell, a lot of you are probably right there with you. We never walk run alone!

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