Monday, August 31, 2020

In Which Jenn Saw Those Yellow Minnie Ears Coming

 Hey, guys, I'm psychic!

That's right - I asked the universe for yellow ears and BAM! Two weeks later, Disney serves 'em up. Clearly I am a person of taste with my finger on the pulse of fashion trends. Disney Dandy powers, arise!

Anyway, there's a new pair of ears I want. Initially I was disappointed by the lack of sequins, but I'm really coming around on the velvet.

Hmmm. Let's see if I can pull this off again, shall we? What'll be the next color trends to emerge from the hit-and-miss minds of Disney merchandising execs? Let's do a trifecta horse race betting style, so as to give myself better odds of winning at least some, I don't know, internet clout or whatever:

  1. Royal blue
  2. Lime green
  3. Periwinkle (we haven't done that one yet, have we?)

Brb, just gonna run down to the Haunted Mansion to consult with Madame Leota on this one...

What do you predict will be Disney's next quote-unquote color trend? 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

In Which Jenn Tests KT Tape Pro Extreme

Pat would like to contribute the following: KiTty Tape!

I'm sure you know KT Tape. I've been using it for years. You probably have too. I tried Rock Tape once but found it to be little different for more money, and the CVS version worked okay but lacked sufficient stretch. No, KT Tape works fine for me. Hell, it once saved my IT band. I guess you could say I stan.

HOWEVER. Since moving to Puerto Rico, I have run into a bit of a problem: the humidity is so high here and the answering sweat so profuse that, well, this happens:

Yeah. And, like, ALL the damn time. If I wanna keep it on my body I need to barricade it with longer running pants, which sucks because, as I said, hella high humidity, but what can you do.

Perhaps you can do one thing. You can upgrade.

Turns out there are three versions of strip KT Tape: regular, Pro, and PRO EXTREME!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥 (Emphasis, er, mine. But how can you not???). Pro Extreme allegedly tackles a lot of the problems above, per the box below. Reviews on Amazon were mixed but since I was able to pick it up for a reasonable price I figured it was worth a shot.

Test 1: KT Tape Pro vs. Extreme

First thing I did was a one-to-one comparison with my last piece of KT Tape Pro, which is I think what they use at expo booths and as probably considered the standard when actively working out (although I've definitely used the original and gotten away with it). I did one knee in Extreme (black) and one in Pro (blue). I also made sure to wipe down my skin with a paper towel and then rub the tape after application. Here's where we started:

And here's where we ended after 3 miles. I had to yank the Pro off because flappy tape irritates me; top piece came off after about a mile and bottom piece surrendered around 2.5. Score one for Extreme, although you'll notice it didn't exactly come out unscathed either.

Test 2: Two Knees of KT Tape Extreme

Nevertheless, I took a leap of faith and donned two full knees worth of Extreme(!!!!!!!!) for a 10 miler. Note I used the exact same style as for last January's WDW Marathon which was so hot and humid the course got shortened for some and as you can see from the finish line photos my Pro tape held. Here's where we started:

And here's where we ended. Weird, right? Both are Extreme but one stayed pretty well intact (although still showing a bit of peeling around the edges) whereas the other finally gave up the ghost entirely around mile 7.5, I think. 

In neither test did I have any trouble removing the remaining tape; it slipped right off.

So I don't know. I'd say Extreme probably is noticeably more adhesive than Pro, but not to the point that you can 100% trust it in truly humid conditions. I will say that a KT Tape expo booth rep once sprayed me with alcohol to dry up my skin in advance and help with adhesion, so I might give that a shot. Still, I wanted to see what it could do straight out of the box first, as ideally we wouldn't need to add anything to our sleepy morning pre-run routines. Alas.

One other note: a different KT Tape booth rep another year entirely once told me they had stopped utilizing any stretch when applying the tape. I did not like this and wound up redoing my tape myself the way I'm used to, but maybe it's not designed for torque anymore? Feels off to me but who knows.

I wouldn't discourage you from giving Extreme a chance if you feel like you could use it, but definitely shop around. You can get it on Amazon for comparable prices to Pro if you're not picky about color.

Have you used KT Tape Pro Extreme? Did it work for you?

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Saturday, August 8, 2020

A Brief Rundown Of runDisney's 2021 Proof Of Time Cutoffs

Someone asked me the other day to remind them of the Proof of Time cutoff for WDW Marathon Weekend. Not remembering off the top of my head, I hit Google, where I discovered plenty of information on Proof of Time cutoffs in the abstract sense but nothing about the exact dates for 2021 runDisney races.

This does make sense in that these dates are rolling each year in relation to the precise date of the race. But I thought in the present moment it might be helpful if someone collected 2021's cutoffs all in one place so that you don't necessarily have to go through each individual registration to check. And that someone is me!

2021 WDW Marathon Weekend: "Proof of Time can be submitted and/or updated by October 20, 2020. Only races run between July 1, 2018 and October 20, 2020 can be used as proof."

2021 Princess Weekend: "Proof of Time can be submitted and/or updated by November 17, 2020. Only races run between August 1, 2018 and November 17, 2020 can be used as proof."

2021 Star Wars Rival Run Weekend: "Proof of Time can be submitted and/or updated by January 19, 2021. Only races run between October 1, 2018 and January 19, 2021 can be used as proof."

Wine & Dine 2021 is pending; registration will probably open early-ish next year. All above information was collected directly from the runDisney website but is of course subject to change per their mighty whims.

You're welcome.

One last thing - if, like me, you find your 2020 race schedule has been largely COVID-cancelled out, you may find your quest for the perfect POT before the deadline to be an increasingly deflated one. I am trying to remind myself that runDisney is about the experience more than being in the speediest corral and if ya gotta weave a little, well, ya gotta weave a little. It's KIND OF working... 

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Friday, August 7, 2020

In Which Jenn Has A New Hope

Whew, it's stressful out there in runDisney registration land lately!

Yesterday I jumped into the Annual Passholder presale virtual queue for next year's Star Wars Rivals Half Marathon (take two). I won't leave you in suspense: I made it! I'm registered! Hooray!

But holy guacamole, getting in was anxiety-inducing. Although anecdotal evidence suggests that the order to get through to the purchase page is randomized, I bounced into line as soon as it showed up around 9:50am. A couple minutes later, just to be safe, I fired up my phone too. 

And then I watched the little waiting room spinner go round and round and round and round and...

I don't know if runDisney is still limiting the number of bibs released to allow for social distancing if needed, but as each minute ticked by I got more and more nervous. I'd say my phone probably got through around 10:14am, and I was v. relieved to see that not only was the half still available, only the challenge by itself was sold out.

I FLEW through the registration process and a couple minutes later I was the relieved recipient of a confirmation email. (I can't remember if I've already mentioned this tip, but: as you know, if you don't move fast enough, a race could literally sell out while you're putting in your credit card info. One way to speed up the process is to skip putting in your proof of time and making any decisions about merchandise add-ons. After you've registered, you can go back into your account and edit those things at your leisure.)

Out of curiosity, I let my computer continue to run the virtual queue screen, just to see how long it would take to get in. It finally came to the registration screen at 10:22am, 8 minutes later. If I hadn't also busted out my phone... it would've been fine. The half was still available. In fact, it was the same setup as before - everything but the bare challenge.

I checked back later around 10:35am and the only additional things that had sold out at that point were the half+virtual and challenge+virtual. And then I kinda got distracted so I can't give you very precise timestamps after that, but I can tell you by 11:20am everything was gone but the 5K, oddly enough.

So yeah. The challenge is a, um, challenge to get through to fast enough, but it seems like most of the other races don't require the level of nerves I historically apply to the process. But I guess each registration day is different.

If you're gunning for public signups on Tuesday, I say to you: qapla'! 



No, seriously, what?

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

In Which Jenn Shows Off More Disney Dresses

Normally I save my Disney Dandy posts for upcoming Disney trip wardrobe reveals, but I am disturbingly low on upcoming Disney trips. I definitely have some planned, but the first isn't until January if I'm lucky and it feels a bajillion years away. How am I supposed to replenish my mental health from outside Orlando?!

Anyway. As I was saying, it's gonna be a minute before I can share a trip wardrobe post, so let's just pretend, shall we? I've snapped up some sweet second-hand Disney finds in the last year or so and I want to show them off.

The first three were all from ThredUp* but I know for a fact that at least two were sold at Hot Topic and I feel like the last one was too? Not that I regularly troll Hot Topic's Disney clothing selection or anything...

So we've got the Snow White collared dress, which particularly eagle-eyed and elephant-memoried Twitter followers might remember from years ago, when I polled the crowd on which of three Disney dresses I should buy for my next trip. I wound up purchasing my Peter Pan dress, but when the previously rejected Snow White number popped up on ThredUp I remembered it immediately/had to have it.

Slightly easier to remember but still a deep cut, longtime readers may recall how I did an entire post on this Marie dress. And then... wound up not buying it. And then when I wanted to they were out of my size. But then I found it on ThredUp and my wardrobe was complete (hahahaha AS IF - Cher Horowitz).

The Frozen cameo heads dress was an impulse purchase during a sale. To be honest it's a little subtle for my tastes, and I'm not even super intro Frozen (Moana FTW!). But I knew my nieces would dig it, and sure enough when I wore it to Thanksgiving the older one clocked that my dress had Anna and Elsa on it in like ten seconds. Kids know what they like.

And finally, my Baymax dress! There's a white Baymax costume dress floating around out there that I kinda wish I'd gotten instead, but as we've discussed at length before, white shows sweat and black does not. This dress I snagged on Poshmark for a mere $5! If there's a piece of Disney clothing you wish you'd picked up back in the day, definitely check Poshmark - it may just be hiding there.

Good hunting, everyone!

What are your latest Disney purchases? Are you also bereft whenever not safe in WDW's loving embrace?

* Affiliate link, as you do.

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