Friday, October 30, 2020

In Which Jenn Gets A New GPS Watch Band

A month or two ago I noticed that my GPS watch band was starting to crack. Now, I'm an adult, so I did the adult thing: I slapped some masking tape over the affected area and carried on with my life. Problem solved!

Unfortunately, a few weeks later, the band legit just fell right off my wrist, so a new plan was needed. Now, this watch is almost four years old and has a mysterious crack in the face, but otherwise works great and has plenty of battery life. I didn't think it was time for a new watch just yet, so I set about fixing it.

First I needed a stopgap measure. Enter: an old shoelace! Why did I have this shoelace? Um... I think it was for a pair of running shoes that came with multiple laces? Or something? I don't know. But I found it in my box o' extraneous running stuff. I cut off some of the broken brand, wove the shoelace through the holes in the remainder, and bam - I had a fashion masterpiece.

Shoelace watch band

Shoelace watch band

Kinda cute, no? But I had to admit it wasn't a permanent solution, what with the shoelace's proclivity for soaking up liquids (sweat, rain), the difficulty of getting the watch face portion to stay on the right bit of my wrist when running, and the minor annoyance of untying and retying it every time I showered.

Amazon to the rescue - Amazon has tons of replacement Garmin watch bands under $10, in standard colors and also cute prints. I went with this one, which offers lots of colors and patterns, but there are plenty of additional options to explore if you're so inclined.

Garmin watch band kit

My new watch band arrived without any installation instructions, but it was a fairly simple process. The only problem I ran into was unscrewing the screws on the current band. Turns out, the reason the kit comes with two mini-screwdrivers is so that you can jam one into the opposite side to prevent both from rotating together in perpetuity and never loosening. Once I got that bit from the video below, the rest was intuitive.

Anyway, dig my new watch band!

Garmin watch band

Garmin watch band

The only remnant of its original purple splendor is in the start button, but I'm quite into the tie-dye. File this mission in the success pile.

P.S. Suggestion: I saved the hardware from the original band. I just popped it back into the bag with the screwdrivers and put it in my aforementioned box o' extraneous running stuff. You never know when something might loosen and go missing!

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

In Which Mickey & Minnie Are On Jenn's Jeans, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Hey! Based on the numbers, it seems like you guys actually kinda like it when I ramble on about Disney parks and Disney fashion and wearing Disney fashion at Disney parks. So let's all geek out over my latest acquisition together!

I found these Mickey & Minnie kissing jeans at Hot Topic literally a year ago, and I think I asked for them for Christmas but didn't get them. Which is obviously fine - it'd be pretty entitled to assume you'll get everything you want for Christmas! Curiously, though, I didn't just use holiday money to buy them myself during the post-Christmas week, as is my wont.

But I think I know why - I challenged myself this year to buy no new clothes. Ah, you think, what an admirably minimalist approach! No, no - what I mean to say is that I've bought new clothes this year, just not new clothes. Secondhand, baby! Sustainability!

And whaddya know, I found those exact jeans in my size on Poshmark! And yet, alas, the seller was offering these secondhand jeans for $39, which was more expensive than HT sold them as they are constantly offering discounts. I don't generally like to pay full price under any circumstances, let alone in a reseller's market, but the lower offer I submitted was not accepted by the seller. Such is life.

But I couldn't quite stop thinking about those jeans - I could see them being super cute in the parks, plus for all my copious Disney clothing I own very little that's appropriate for chillier temperatures. Short dresses? Coming out my ears! Stuff for when Orlando decides to give winter a try? Less so.

Weakened by my vision, I came very close to abandoning my challenge and buying them from Hot Topic anyway when they had one of their 30% off sales. But then I discovered HT wanted like $20 in shipping to Puerto Rico, so buying from there went out the window on principle. I wasn't gonna break my resolution for a shafting.

Weeks passed - then months. (You guys remember the pandemic, right?) The Poshmark seller of the jeans lowered the price a few times, but never quite enough to tempt me. Then, one day, after I had made some money selling on Poshmark myself and had a smidge of cash on hand, I got a private offer on the jeans - for $12! $12! Plus shipping of course, but it all still came out to less than $19. Hooray!

By now this is probably feeling sort of like when you click on a recipe page and the author has written an enormous philosophical manifesto ahead of the actual recipe and you're scrolling and scrolling like for heaven's sake, just give me the INGREDIENTS LIST at least, so anyway, I now own these adorable jeans!

Mickey & Minnie Jeans

Mickey & Minnie jeans

I tried them out with some of the Disney masks my mom sent me, and determined the red Minnie one is the best aesthetic fit, Y/N? And my classic Minnie ears, of course. I'm pretty sure these photos qualify me for influencer status anyway.

Me in Mickey jeans

Me in Mickey Jeans

That's my latest sartorial Disney conquest. I hope I can get to WDW soon and try it out!

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

In Which Jenn Runs The Virtual Parks Half Marathon

 I've said this before, but just to reiterate: I'm not really a virtual race kinda gal. I only generally do them if a premium is REALLY good or if a race gets virtual-ized and it's the only option available if I want to recoup my investment.

However, when the Parks Half Marathon went virtual, I signed up even though I wasn't registered for the live version. I mean, it's one of my former favorite hometown races, it was only $25, and the premium WASN'T just another race tee! Score!

Unfortunately, when plotting out my training schedule that month, I accidentally placed my practice half a week earlier than the race window started. Oops! I had carefully planned that run, so I did it anyway, and considered just calling that my virtual Parks - I mean, did it really matter?

But I knew too that it would probably bother me just a dab even if it didn't anybody else, so I ran another practice half on literally the very last day of the designated race window. Under the wire FTW!

Of course, this being the MARYLAND Parks Half Marathon, I outfitted myself accordingly.

Parks ballcap and Orioles sports bra
O!!!!! say can you see

The run itself was actually pretty okay, too - not very fast by my normal standards but solid by Puerto Rico standards. Seriously, I was in Maryland for a bit last week and in the autumnal temperatures I was shaving legit minutes off my times. I hear heat training is good for you, so here's hoping that manifests in new personal records in future races!

Thus I earned my groovy medal and a nice heavy weight beanie:

Parks Half Marathon medal and hat

Borderline useless here in PR, but it's good to be prepared for other locales - 2017 WDW Marathon, anyone?

Are you a virtual race person?

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Friday, October 9, 2020

In Which Jenn's Race Is On! (Mostly)

Hey! I actually get to run an in-person race!

Remember when I had the audacity to put together a race schedule for 2020? I was so young and full of hope. Which of course turned out to be stupid and everything is cancelled, including some of my early 2021 races. Boo.

Happily, there is one light on the near horizon - the Battleship Half Marathon in Wilmington is ON!

Well, mostly. I was originally signed up to do the 5K on Saturday and then half on Sunday, but the 5K has indeed been cancelled. It was apparently in conjunction with a veteran's parade the same day which is no longer happening; my guess is they were sharing road permits. What can ya do. 

The amazing thing, though, is that anyone who signed up for the 5K has the option of upgrading to a Sunday event OR - get this - receiving a refund! And the people who were doing one of the 5K challenges gets a REFUND! I get a REFUND! I totally understand how some race organizations don't have the resources for refunds but it's so nice that they're able to do that.

So now there's a half marathon and a 10K on Sunday. Oh, and a marathon - they added a marathon, since they're now doing a looping course. I was tempted to upgrade (they said it's the only time they're going to do it and you know how runners love that kind of thing), but I'm gonna stick with the half. Assuming the Rival Half happens (oh God please let it happen), I REALLY need a proof of time for corral placement.

That, and as one of the precautionary anti-COVID measures, there will be NO spectators allowed. A marathon with a quadruple loop course and no spectators? Pass. Additional precautions include required masks when near others and a graduated course start where only 45 participants are released per wave. And no after party, of course.

So yeah! The race is on! But you know what isn't? My flights. A couple days before race confirmation Spirit emailed me to inform me my flights had been cancelled. Okay, fine. I went on their website to rebook... and they have NO flights at ALL until two weeks after I need to leave. Sweet. Now I'm paying twice as much to fly AA. Hooray!

But whatever. I'm running a race! A real race! LET'S GO FAST FAST ZOOM ZOOM RUNNING

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