Thursday, March 4, 2021

In Which Jenn Makes A Flower & Garden Festival To-Eat List (Take 3)

It may be a bad idea to even write this post. It went wrong in 2017. It went wrong in 2020. Do I dare too much?

Sure, in 2017, it was my fault for being too zonked by sleeplessness to fully enjoy Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival. But it was the universe that took everything from me in 2020. Is it time to let optimism flounder? Can we set the bar lower than it is even now?

Too late: I've already started the post. It's happening. 

As is my wont, I've gone through all the published menus for the Flower & Garden Festival food booths and selected what I want to try, assuming my spring trip goes as planned. If I make it, the below food items are at the top of my to-eat list. Will 2021 be the year?

If it is, I shall eat:

BauernmarketPotato pancakesEither version
BauernmarketPretzel bread with ham and cheesePretzel bread FTW
Cider HousePotato & cheddar biscuit with salmon tartareThis sounds AMAZING
Cider HouseDark chocolate raspberry tartI feel like I had this at a Food & Wine Festival but it was good so
Cider HouseCiderPink lemonade?! Watermelon?! Jam?! I DEMAND A FLIGHT
Citrus BlossomOrange-lemon smoothieNot gonna lie: in it for the Orange Bird sipper
Citrus BlossomHibiscus lime aleI love hibiscus!
Farmer's FeastHibiscus lemonade cocktailHI, BISCUS!
Festival FavoritesMaple bacon stoutI have good luck with stouts at these festivals
Fleur de LysGoat cheese and onion tartOnly they spell it in French
Fleur de LysLa Vie en Rose slushyI hear good things
HanamiFrushiI think ordering this is required by Epcot law
Honey Bee-stroHoney & sweet corn spoon breadMan, I haven't had spoon bread in forever and I love it
Honey Bee-stroLavender chicken flatbreadLavender honey mustard? Lavender goat cheese? I am intrigued
Honey Bee-stroHoney mascarpone cheesecakeMascarpone is magnificent
Jardin de FiestasSope de chorizoI'm not 100% clear on what this is but fried dough sounds good
Jardin de FiestasTulum Mexican craft beerI've had my fair share of Caribbean seawater up my nose so I'll be the judge of that
Isla FrescaHibiscus Guavacation sour beerHibiscus AND it's a sour beer?!
Lotus HouseJasmine beerWhat can I say; I like to consume flowers
Northern BloomBlackberry beerAnd they said it couldn't be done
Northern BloomMaple whiskey with maple popcorn shakeWhat's not to like?
Pineapple PromenadeFrozen desert violet lemonadeIf you don't buy it they won't let you back on Instagram
Pineapple PromenadePOG beerPOG beer
Pineapple PromenadeViolet lemonade aleIt's a slow but steady takeover
Sunshine GriddleFried cinnamon roll bitesBut only if they'll give me extra frosting
Taste of MarrakeshHibiscus orange wheat aleI'm not shaping the universe to my whims on accident, am I?
Trowel & TrellisGrilled sweet corn with garlic spreadIn case of vampires

Hmmm. That's a lot of drinks. I might need to boost my food selections. But then this is never a definitive or exhaustive list anyway; the festival booths demand your patronage in ever greater amounts, do they not? 

I hope to see you at the festival! I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope -

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  1. Don't jinx it!! Lol. I am definitely working on my own list right now too. Let's drink it up at Epcot!