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The Fairest Week In Review: 9/09

JENN: Ask me how many times I planned to run on vacation. MOON: Every day? JENN: Nope, just three. Now ask me how many times I ran. MOON: Every day!!? … Maaaybe? JENN: NONE! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I meant to. I packed my sneakers and my running clothes and headphones and GPS watch. And then I… didn’t run. MOON: And how do you feel? Triumphant? JENN: Well, a lot less hot and sweaty, that much is certain. And a lot more rested. A little guilty. But only a little. MOON: Nah, enjoy the break. 🙂 How was vacation? JENN: Good! Beachy. Warm. Not very wave-y, which made Pat sad since he...

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