The Fairest Week In Review: 7/29

JENN: How’d your training go this week? MOON: The last part of the week was good! I fiiiiinally have some new music! JENN: Yay! MOON: Nothing motivates me more than a good jam. How was yours? JENN: Okay. I ran outside exclusively this week. The first run went well, but the humidity was so high the next two days that I felt awful. MOON: Awww. There was one BEAUTIFUL morning last week (of course I didn’t have time to run that morning), but the rest were pretty terrible. 🙁 JENN: I did do four half walking/half running miles while my boyfriend skateboarded with me. Not fast,...

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Food & Wine

In Which Jenn Makes A Food & Wine Festival To-Eat List

IT’S ON. The Disney Food Blog just posted all the menus for this year’s Epcot Food & Wine Festival, and since I will ACTUALLY BE THERE THIS TIME EEEEEEEE I naturally dropped everything I was doing and made another one of my crazy Disney food to-eat spreadsheets. Booth Item Notes Belgium Potato & leek waffle w/ beer-braised beef I am intrigued by both combinations Belgium Belgian Waffle w/ warm chocolate ganache Brazil Pao de queijo CHEESE BREAD Brewer’s Collection Shofferhoffer grapefruit beer Canada Cheddar cheese soup Avoiding a pricey Le Cellier ADR China Happy Lychee w/ tequila & vodka...

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Six Flags funnel cake

In Which Jenn & Elizabeth Have A Great Adventure

Elizabeth and I recently went to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. While this comes nowhere close to a whiff of a whisper of a shadow of hanging out a WDW, I thought you might like to hear about our experiences anyway. And now here we are! JENN: Please welcome back the World’s Greatest Traveling Companion, Elizabeth! ELIZABETH: So, where should we start? JENN: Remind me again how you found out about Six Flags Great Adventure? ELIZABETH: Well I think I had been researching the best amusement parks, and Great Adventure came up as one that had a lot of roller...

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Sick kitty

The Fairest Week In Review: 7/22

JENN: So how was your training this week? MOON: Not so good this week. I’ve had a stomach bug most of the week. 🙁 JENN: Oh no! Well, that’s definitely a good reason not to run. MOON: I’m sure yours was better! JENN: Mine was pretty good. I pulled out an okay 15 miler on the treadmill on Monday and then managed two outdoor runs. I found a new portion of my regular trail, which was nice. It’s been humid though, even in the morning. After one run I was desperate to break open a bottle of water and the cap WOULD NOT...

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Psych busy

In Which Jenn Ponders Her Running Future

Okay, here’s a post I’ve been planning for awhile, except I had initially planned to discuss it in the abstract. It’s about when the running stops. Well, no. Not stops. But diminishes. For the past two years or so I’ve been running 30 – 35 miles per week over the course of 3 – 4 days per week. I have run almost exclusively after work because I am not a morning person. I sometimes adjusted my schedule around hanging out with friends, but it was never very hard. Even in this easily managed period, I started to wonder: how...

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Figment and Dreamfinder

In Which Jenn is a Poor Disney Archivist

What you are about to see may hurt you a little. You may feel betrayed. You may wonder how I could possibly let this happen. I DIDN’T KNOW, OKAY? I DIDN’T KNOW. It was the last time my family went to Walt Disney World, 1998. I was a mere twelve years of age. Disney’s Animal Kingdom had yet to open its gates, ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter was still a thing I refused to go near, and Journey Into Imagination was everything I remember it to be. I had yet to splash merrily into the pool of thrill rides and I...

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Grapefruit Mickey

In Which Jenn Cheats With Frozen Fruit

This cheater’s recipe is also a cheaper recipe. Basically I want to talk to you about frozen fruit. I know this is terrible sacrilege but I… don’t really like a lot of raw fruit. Apples? Bake them in a pie and come back to me. Pears? A little better but I’m still not super into it. Bananas? Talk to me after you’ve frozen them or topped them with peanut butter. I’m on board with raspberries and melons but they’re way more expensive and peaches seem to be truly in season for like three days in the summer at most....

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The Fairest Week In Review: 7/15

JENN: Ready for bloggery? MOON: I’m ready! JENN: Yay! Okay, how was your training this week? MOON: Good! Nothing too special to report, but I did try out a new route near my future home. It was crazy humid that morning, but it was nice and not a lot of traffic. JENN: Oooh, any good trails or anything? MOON: Not trails, really… just roads. However, they aren’t too frequently traveled! How was your training week? JENN: Much better than last week, where mileage is concerned. Hard in some ways because my runs were all outdoors and as we all know I am still working on not...

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Wall-E M-O

Happy Friday: M-O

Dare we be so bold as to suggest that M-O is the best part of Wall-E? Don’t forget, you can follow FRoA on Twitter @fairestrunofall and on Instagram @fairestrunofall. If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment or email See ya real soon!...

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WTF GPS: A Haiku by Jenn

How far have I run??? “Lost satellite reception” IMPOTENT RAGE UGH (source) What’s your worst lost-satellite-reception story? I think I lost about half a mile. And I totally survived; I’m just being melodramatic. But GOD, GARMIN. Don’t forget, you can follow FRoA on Twitter @fairestrunofall and on Instagram @fairestrunofall. If you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment or email See ya real soon!...

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