Jenn & Moon

In Which Moon Makes Her Move

GUYS GUYS GUYS you’ll never guess who we’re welcoming back today! MOON IS HERE! Hellooo! I’ve been off the map for a long time! In the event that anyone is interested in my life pertaining to running these past months, I’m sad to say that I’ve fallen out of my routine. Routines are so nice. Structure is so nice. Since 2009, I’ve worked really hard to establish a running routine. I’ve had some minor upsets, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone as long as I have this past year without running. Now that it’s been so long since...

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Doctor Who run

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/29

Annnnnnnnnd right back into training I go. Harrumph. Sunday | rest I had wanted to get a short run in but I was still sick. Bleh. Monday | ran 10.39 miles on the treadmill in 1:45 This may have been a poor choice, since I was still a liiiiiittle bit sick and also it was my first run off the marathon, but I hadn’t worked out in over a week and got carried away. Oh well; no harm done. Tuesday | walked 2.16 miles outside in 35 minutes; 70 minute ballet classi Wednesday | ran 8.39 miles on the treadmill...

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Marine Corps Marathon

In Which Jenn Is Done With Early Race Registrations (For Now)

The Marine Corps Marathon lottery is open now. I’ve run it three times and enjoy the course, spectators, on-course support – everything. I’d like to run it again. But I’m not entering the lottery, and here’s why: Time. The marathon is in October. It is March. That’s seven months away. Pat and I share a relentless wanderlust, and as of right now I’m just not sure what’s gonna go down over that kind of time. The same problem plagues this race as plagues all runDisney races – registration is just too far out. I kinda get it for marathons;...

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Magic bands

In Which Jenn Is Obscene, If You Ask Disney IT (Assuming You Can Find Them)

OH MY GOD, GUYS. I simply must tell you about what happened to me a couple days ago. It is Walt Disney World roller coaster ride… OF THE MIND. THE SETUP On Wednesday afternoon I get a voicemail from an unknown Greensboro, NC number from someone purporting to be calling on behalf of Walt Disney World. They claim they need to talk to me about my recent Magic Band order. Immediately, the whole thing raises a bunch of red flags for me: The Greensboro phone number, which has no internet presence, except for one page of people claiming it’s...

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Baltimore Marathon

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/22

Oh man. Post-marathon week. It’s a good week. Sunday | rest day I ate cookie cake. I only had half and even that was insane. Monday | rest day Tuesday | SNOW DAY rest day Normally I go to ballet on Tuesdays, but I’ll tell you right now: YOU DO NOT VOLUNTARILY GET ON THE DC BELTWAY IN THE SNOW/WHEN THERE’S BEEN SNOW/WHEN THERE WILL BE SNOW/WHEN SOMEONE HAS RECENTLY SAID SNOW. I very literally spent 7 hours on the Beltway last year because of a half inch of snow. It’s a long story, and needless to say not one...

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The Jenn Theory Of Pooh Personalities

This silly little idea is so simple and has such a long-standing history in my family that I can’t believe I haven’t shared it sooner. The concept is just this: Pooh Personalities. Basically my family has a long held belief that everyone’s personality can be distilled into two characters from A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh, and by extension the Disney films (I have a ton of love for both). Certainly there may be elements of more than two characters that could describe parts of you at times depending, but you only ever need two characters to make up your...

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Snow White

The Fairest Week In Review: 3/16

Marathon number seven is in the books! Let’s break it down: Sunday | ran 6.27 miles on the treadmill in 1:05 Monday | ran 5.22 miles on the treadmill in 60 minutes Tuesday | walked 3.32 miles in 55 minutes, 70 minute ballet class Wednesday | ran 4.19 miles in 50 minutes Thursday | 60 minute ballet class Went to the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon expo this day. As an expo it was kind of underwhelming, and none of the merch interested me particularly, but I did enjoy how uncrowded it was. I guess out-of-town runners are unlikely to...

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Sleepy Cinderella

In Which Jenn Explains The Purpose Of Running A Marathon

Why do I run marathons? Well, let’s see. There’s the sense of accomplishment. There’s the energy of the spectators. There’s the fun of themed races like the WDW Marathon. There’s the pursuit of a new personal record. There’s the motivation to maintain my physical fitness. Is that why I run marathons? No. I run marathons because the week after the marathon, I DON’T HAVE TO RUN AT ALL. I can totally justify taking a full week off. And that week, guys, that week is the BEST. The sleeping in. The hanging out. The complete lack of guilt while you...

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Rock 'n Roll Marathon

In Which Jenn Recaps The Rock ‘n Roll Marathon DC

Hey, remember that time I told you how to have the best shower of your life? Well, I lied. The actual way to have the best shower ever is to run the 2017 Rock ‘n Roll Marathon DC, then turn your shower on as hot as it can go and stay there for the rest of your life. You’re welcome. The Rock ‘n Roll DC Marathon was cold. (“How cold was it?”) It was so cold I shivered starting 5 minutes after I stopped running and didn’t stop shivering until I got into that aforementioned shower. But I digress. Let’s...

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The Shining cold

In Which Jenn Tempted The Race Gods & Lost

Hey, remember when told you I had signed up for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon because, having survived the frigid temperatures of the WDW Marathon, I was willing to take my chances on the weather? Well. Look, just… I don’t know. Send me warm thoughts and all the blankets you own, okay? Potential to die of hypothermia aside, my morale is still reasonably high (SO FAR). I had a really strong WDW Marathon in those cold temperatures, and I think maybe – just maybe – that could translate to something good here. But I’ve been hurt by goals before…...

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