Madame Leota

In Which Jenn & Moon Have A Haunted Mansion Adventure

JENN: In honor of Halloween, I am SUPER EXCITED to retell one of my all-time favorite Walt Disney World stories. The year: 2004. High school orchestra trip. The scene: The Magic Kingdom’s Haunted Mansion. Picture it: Sicily, 1937. MOON: Was it really THAT long ago?! JENN: Yup! We are old. MOON: ;-; JENN: Yes. MOON: Indeed. JENN: This is why we return to WDW so much: to feel young and happy again. Because none of us are married with kids to take. But then none of us are divorced, either, so: winning. MOON: That’s what we’ll call it. JENN:...

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Treadmill broken

In Which Jenn Pits the Outdoors Against the Treadmill

Hey, remember that time several forevers ago when I said I had more to say about running outdoors vs. the treadmill? THE DAY HAS COME. I know: I’ve already complained. Some people are treadmill people and some people are outdoors people, and rarely the twain shall meet. Still, when the treadmills at my gym both broke at once and I was forced outdoors, I had some good experiences – and some not-so-good ones. I decided, if only for my own personal amusement, that it might be worthwhile to quantify what I liked and didn’t like about both experiences, perhaps...

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Cinderella Castle

The Fairest Week in Review: 10/28

I have exciting news! I just got the official email from Disney: I have been invited to participate in MyMagic+ during my December trip to Walt Disney World! I’ve customized our bands – pink for my mom and yellow for me because it would be too confusing if we were both pink and there’s no purple hey why is there no purple? – and I’m very much looking forward to finding out what horrors lie in wait as part of My Disney Experience. Awww, I kid, I kid – I’ve read about some positive experiences too, so I’m prepared...

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Mickey camera

Photographic Memory: The Sherpas of Expedition Everest

JENN: Photographic Memory time! MOON: Okay! So, we’re going to discuss another of Jenn’s favorite photos. This one is… from Expedition Everest, right? JENN: Yup! It’s posted on the wall as you enter the final room in the queue. MOON: I was TERRIFIED the first time. At least there were amusing things on the walls to keep my mind off of IMPENDING DOOM. JENN: Oh, psh, eventually you got there. 🙂 Moon and I have a great fondness for Sherpas. MOON: Yes we do! JENN: Do you want to tell the O’Bryan story? MOON: How much of an orchestral...

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Busch Gardens

In Which Jenn & Elizabeth Go to Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Hooray! Elizabeth is here again to help me with another review! Join us as we head to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. JENN: A round of applause for my faithful guest judge, Interplanetary Explorer Extraordinaire Elizabeth! ELIZABETH: I dunno about interplanetary: after watching Gravity I don’t think I ever want to go out there. JENN: Haha, good call. ELIZABETH: I have my moments. JENN: So, a few weeks ago Elizabeth and I got a great deal on Busch Gardens Williamsburg tickets. This was the good news. The bad news was that the only remaining days of the season were all Howl-o-Scream...

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The Fairest Week in Review: 10/21

Last week I did something that will amaze some of you: I ran twenty miles for the first time. That’s not the amazing part. I did it on the treadmill. And what’s more, I didn’t hate it! In fact, I was perfectly cheerful about the whole thing; it wasn’t a hard slog at all. More on my treadmill strategy later this week! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Source) Of course, what did turn out to be a hard slog would be my subsequent two runs of the week. Those twenty-milers kinda cook you a little, no? Anyone have any interesting advice or anecdotes...

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Squirtgun To Your Head: Favorite Disney Character?

Hey, remember that post I promised for this week about treadmills vs. outdoors? Postponed to next week. Apologies! Hopefully I can appease you with the fact that Moon was available for this one! I can? GREAT! Right then; off to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Follow us on Twitter for more on that today! JENN:  SQUIRTGUN TO YOUR HEAD! Who is your favorite Disney character?! MOON: Mr. Ray. Or better yet: OOOOOOOhhhh Mr. Ray. All knowledge exploring is oh so lyrical when you think thoughts that are empirical! JENN:  Haha, I thought you’d say Pluto. MOON: Pluto was second choice. JENN:...

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In Which Jenn Won’t Shut Up About Epcot & Cultural Policy

Hi there! Jenn here. So, I’m having a really busy week – Elizabeth is crashing at my apartment tonight in preparation for our Busch Gardens trip on Friday, and I’ve been frantically cleaning between runs and ballet classes and work. And my room is still going to look terrible. Hopefully she won’t actually see it. Elizabeth, if you’re reading this, I hope you don’t see my room. It’s a mess. Where was I? Oh, yes. Busy. Therefore a lack of posts. But lack of content makes me anxious, so may I offer you something I wrote a LONG time...

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Treadmill broken

The Fairest Week in Review: 10/15

Sorry about this whole day late thing! I had yesterday off and wound up getting in a REALLY long run – but that’s this week’s training, not last week’s, so more on that later. Speaking of this week’s training, if you follow us (mostly me) on Twitter you may have suffered through a fair amount of me kvetching all last week about the broken treadmills in my apartment’s gym. Yes. BOTH broke at the same time. I had to do THREE of my runs outdoors. I know I already touched on the subject once, but I think this week...

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Hershey Park

In Which Jenn & Elizabeth Go to Hershey Park

Welcome back to my faithful pinch hitter, Elizabeth! ELIZABETH: So – we’re going to discuss Hershey Park? JENN: Yup! Because Disney people tend to be somewhat curious about other parks. ELIZABETH: What! But how could any other place measure up? JENN: It couldn’t. We just want to feel smugly superior. Also, roller coasters. ELIZABETH: Ah, right. I will say that Walt Disney World could do with a few more roller coasters, but that’s personal preference. JENN: Disney coasters are awesome, but they’re not exactly pushing the boundaries of what the human body can handle. ELIZABETH: No – all that...

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