The Fairest Week in Review: 10/28

Cinderella Castle

I have exciting news! I just got the official email from Disney: I have been invited to participate in MyMagic+ during my December trip to Walt Disney World! I’ve customized our bands – pink for my mom and yellow for me because it would be too confusing if we were both pink and there’s no purple hey why is there no purple? – and I’m very much looking forward to finding out what horrors lie in wait as part of My Disney Experience.

Awww, I kid, I kid – I’ve read about some positive experiences too, so I’m prepared to give it the ol’ post-college try. The only bit that makes me sad is that I can’t get my FasstPass+ all set up. I’m running into the same issue that Katherine of Food Fitness Fantasy has had: we’re both of us saving up all our Disney Visa points to buy tickets while at the parks, so we’ve got nothing to link to our bands for the time being. Oh well. I’ll just have to jump on the app as soon as I can!

36 MORE DAYS. (Source)

Anyway. Running stuff. Last week was pretty uneventful, training-wise, but I still suffered some digestive issues. In the past I’ve always been able to eat just about whatever I felt like and shortly before running to boot. Now, as I increase my mileage, I think that’s changing. I’m going to take a shot at NOT eating before running and instead taking Clif Shot Bloks as I run. Hopefully that’ll work, although those Bloks are kinda expensive. : Our runner lives are hard.

Musically, I’ve been ALL ABOUT the full show soundtrack for The Festival of the Lion King because I FREAKING LOVE The Festival of the Lion King. If you’ve never seen FotLK, I demand that you make it Priority One for your next trip. Do it do it do it!

Now that all my edicts are out of the way, it’s time for the roundup, no?

– This is Halloween! The Affordable Mouse shares some haunted tales from Cast Members.
Live, Run, Grow shows us how to get our race-day gear organized.
The Main Street Gazette cautions us to stay on designated trails when running at WDW. Stay safe!
Peer inside the mind of a marathoner on race day with Pink Elephant on Parade.
– Running the Wine and Dine Half for the first time? We Run Disney explains it all.
The DisBroads school us on how to get into a sold-out runDisney race.
The Runner’s Guide to WDW features Gail Savidge, earner of 50 runDisney medals. Someday!
Running with Pixies runs 4 Logan!
The Disney Tourist Blog really wants to you to read their Tokyo Disney trip report. Not that I think you’ll need much convincing.

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  1. I like that apparently everyone except me got some kind of formal invitation from Disney to customize their Magic Bands. What the heck.

  2. Two words: Swedish Fish. Infinitely better than any and all shot blocks and I loved them while running and I got them cheap. So, you know, think about that.
    And so far mymagic+ has been working for me for November, so that's totally something. You're going to love it–just FYI the bands get kinda sweaty if it's hot out…

  3. Problem is, I never know when to stop with Swedish fish. I'm always like oh, hey, I'm hungry. I know – I'll have some Swedish fish! And before I know it, the bag's gone and I've hardly run at all. I'm my own worst enemy!

    Sweaty Magic Bands or no, I would LOVE a warm December. 😀

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